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  • All purchases before the END OF NOVEMBER 2023 will be guaranteed a LIFETIME LICENSE. (License structure may change after that)
  • After purchasing MasterLingQ or YoutubeTools from SendOwl you will be sent an email automatically from me with your license code. If you paid via donation I will generate and send a code to you manually.

Latest Patch 1.172

for 1.172
Added AmazonPrimeTools Premium 1.11


for 1.172
Added AmazonPrimeTools Premium 1.11

for 1.171
Added Netflix Tools premium 1.14

for 1.170
Added Viki Tools Premium 1.10

for 1.169
Added RoosterSelectionImport 1.12
Added Permanent versions of MasterLingQ, Video Tools, Spotify Import, Selection Import
Updated ReadMe info

for 1.168
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.102

for 1.167
Added DisneyTools Premium 1.12
Added RoosterSelectionImport 1.10
Added AmazonPrimeTools Premium 1.10

for 1.166
Added DisneyTools Premium 1.11
Added Netflix Tools Premium 1.13

for 1.165
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.101

for 1.164
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.100
Added basic ‘Copy Concat Text’ button to Lesson Editor

for 1.163
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.99
Increased space between words for Netflix/Disney+ videos

for 1.162
Added Disney+ Tools Premium 1.10

for 1.161
Further bug fix for the native language implementation. Some users were returning ‘English’ instead of ‘en’ causing catastrophic errors. Likely affecting other languages too.
The change will happen automatically when you install this update, no further action required.

for 1.160
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.98

for 1.159
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.97

for 1.158
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.96
Added Netflix Tools Premium 1.12

for 1.157
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.95
Reverted Rooster Transcribe changes

for 1.156
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.94

for 1.155

  • Bug fix for new native language implementation
    Note: If you installed Patch 1.153/1.154 please follow these instructions

for 1.154

  • Bug fix for Observer dictionary locale
  • Added native language to top of translate dropdown
  • Increased Observer fragment size from 7 to 13
  • Opening one observer menu no longer closes the other
  • Observer menu opens on dropdown change (no longerr requires button click)
  • Observer fixes applied to Youtube Tools Observer menu

for 1.153
Added distinction between interface language and native language. (This bug affected learners whose interface language wasn’t available on LingQ/not applied)
Fixes implemented for Observer, AutoLingQ and LongLinGQ in MasterLingQ Premium

for 1.152
Added Netflix Tools Premium 1.11

for 1.151
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.93
Included Rooster Transcribe extension in the ZIP

for 1.150
Added Netflix Tools Premium 1.10

for 1.149
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.92

for 1.148
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.91

for 1.147
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.90

for 1.146
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.89
Fixed a bug preventing interface from loading on Rooster Reader if no translation was found

for 1.145
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.88

for 1.144
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.87

for 1.143
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.86

for 1.142
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.85

for 1.141
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.84

for 1.140
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.83

for 1.139
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.82

for 1.138
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.81

for 1.137
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.80

for 1.136
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.79

for 1.135
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.78

for 1.134
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.77

for 1.133
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.76

for 1.132
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.75

for 1.131
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.74

for 1.130
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.73

for 1.129
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.72

for 1.128
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.71

for 1.127
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.70

for 1.126
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.69

for 1.125
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.68

for 1.124
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.67

for 1.123
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.66

for 1.122
Added Rooster Course Upload Free 1.13

for 1.121
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.65

for 1.120
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.64

for 1.119
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.63

for 1.118
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.62

for 1.117
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.61

for 1.116
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.60

for 1.115
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.59

for 1.114
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.58

for 1.113
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.57

for 1.112
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.56

for 1.111
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.55

for 1.110
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.54

for 1.109
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.53

for 1.108
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.52

for 1.107
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.51

for 1.106
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.50

for 1.105
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.49

for 1.104
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.48

for 1.103
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.47

for 1.102
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.46

for 1.101
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.45

for 1.100
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.44

for 1.99
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.43

for 1.98
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.42

for 1.97
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.41

for 1.96
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.40

for 1.95
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.39

for 1.94
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.38

for 1.93
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.37

for 1.92
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.36

for 1.91
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.35

for 1.90
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.34

for 1.89
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.33

for 1.88
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.32

for 1.87
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.31

for 1.86
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.30

for 1.85
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.29

for 1.84
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.28

for 1.83
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.27

for 1.82
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.26

for 1.81
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.25

for 1.80
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.24

for 1.79
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.23

for 1.78
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.21

for 1.77
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.20

for 1.76
Fixed an issue preventing hintless words from AutoLingQing with AutoLingQ React

for 1.75
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.19

for 1.74
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.17

for 1.73
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.16

for 1.72
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.15

for 1.71
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.14

for 1.70
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.13
returns base translation from Reactor if no Machine Learning data available

for 1.69
Added Youtube Tools Premium 1.12

for 1.68
Added Rooster Youtube Tools 1.11

for 1.67
React AutoLingQ now checks with LingQDB if no info found

for 1.66
Added Rooster Youtube Tools 1.10

for 1.65
Language Reactor AutoLingQ now includes all grammar tags (if available)

for 1.64
Language Reactor AutoLingQ now returns all translations for the word.

for 1.63
Added Language Reactor as a Auto LingQ Method. (This method fetches gpt/machine learning results for each queried word and applies the highest confidence result. Also applies grammar tags.


for 1.62
Added AutoLingQ Premium 1.15

for 1.61
Added Observer 1.51

for 1.60
Added Observer 1.50

for 1.59
Added Lesson Editor Premium 1.25

for 1.58
Added dropdown to open observer menus (default is open all, open individual menus as required)

for 1.57
Added Observer 1.49

for 1.56
Added Observer 1.48

for 1.55
Added Observer 1.47

for 1.54
Added Observer 1.46
Added AutoLingQ Premium 114

for 1.53
Added Lesson Editor Premium 1.24
Attempted fix for Google Translate at option on Chrome* (Google Translate for Lesson is currently Firefox Only. Please Use DeepL option if on Chrome.)

for 1.52
Added Observer 1.45
Added support for 3 letter language codes (‘zh-t’ was already supported, we now support ‘hrv’ Croatian, ‘srp’ Serbian)

for 1.51
Added Observer 1.44

for 1.50
Added Google Translate as a secondary lesson translate option. (LingQ uses DeepL as their translation method. This translation is slower but can be a good alternative for some languages)
Fix for hotkeys propagation on edit sentence (Reader view)

for 1.49
Fix for line position on Reader line-replacement mode

for 1.48
Added Observer 1.43

for 1.47
Added Ignore All Latin words button for Asian lessons. (blue words only)

for 1.46
Added Observer 1.42

for 1.45
Added more languages to translate and Lesson Editor Premium 1.23

for 1.44
Added Lesson Editor Premium 1.22

for 1.44
Added Lesson Editor Premium 1.22

for 1.43
Added Navigation 1.20

for 1.42
Added Observer 1.41

for 1.41
GUI fix for Auto LingQ count
Bug fix for finish lesson alert

for 1.40
Finish lesson alert popup if new words present in lesson

for 1.39
Added Observer 1.40

for 1.38
Added Observer 1.39

for 1.37
Added Reader Premium 1.22

for 1.36
Added Lesson Editor Premium 1.21
Added Reader Premium 1.21

for 1.35
Added Observer 1.38

for 1.34
Added Reader Premium 1.20

for 1.33
Fixed Translate button appearing consistently

for 1.32
Added Observer 1.37

for 1.31
Long-LingQ GUI fixes

for 1.30
Added Observer 1.36

for 1.29
Added Reader Premium 1.18

for 1.28
Added Observer 1.35

for 1.27
Added Reader Premium 1.16
Added Navigator 1.19
CSV Import Style fixes, moved to Automatic LingQs

for 1.26
Added Observer 1.34

for 1.25
Added Navigator 1.18

for 1.24
Consistency for Translate Button
Consistency for Editor Button outside of Editor Page

for 1.23
Rooster Course Upload Merged into Master LingQ premium

for 1.22
Lesson Editor Premium merged into Master LingQ Premium
Fixed Translate Button

for 1.21
Navigator lesson display bug fix
Navigator box closing on click bug fix
Lesson Editor bug fix for Playlists Tab
Navigator 1.17 Update

for 1.20
Consistency for Master LingQ display when going left and right through lessons
Added Close button to Observer LITE and New Word Table
Added HotKeys 1.33 Update

for 1.19
Added Navigation 1.16 Update

for 1.18
Added Observer 1.32 Update

for 1.17
Added Observer 1.31 Update
Added Navigation 1.15 Update

for 1.16
Added Observer 1.30 Update

for 1.15
Fixed keybindings affecting keypresses on other pages
Added Copy Sentence bind to HotKeys

for 1.14
Move Long lingQ to top bar
Minor UI Changes
Consistent loading for ZIP and Observer

for 1.13
Can now auto create Most Popular / Longest Definition
Fixed Translate UI consistently displaying
If Lesson Editor Premium is installed it opens the menu instead of redirecting to editor page
UI rearranged and fixed some colors in light mode

for 1.12
Link to Rooster Reader
Link to Lesson Editor
Navigation Menu Button

Master LingQ Collapsed and Expanded Menus

Rooster Lesson Editor Premium V1.20

Rooster Youtube Tools V1.70

Rooster Reader Premium V1.15

Rooster Netflix Tools V1.10

Rooster Observer LITE / Rooster Observer V1.51


Rooster Navigation V1.17

Rooster Hot Keys Premium V1.12 & Rooster Long LingQ V1.11

Rooster Lesson Extractor Premium V1.10

→ Menus and Buttons have been merged to provide and more navigable user experience.
→ Premium versions of Youtube Tools, Reader, Editor, HotKeys, AutoLingQ, Extractor and Translate built in
→ Premium version of Spotify Playlist Importer included
Youtube Playlist Import Premium remains a standalone addon.

→ Rooster Master LingQ (PREMIUM) is only available to supporters of ROOSTER. Please see the Early-Access Links on the main Web Extensions page.


Latest Patch 1.21

for 1.21
Further bug fix for the native language implementation. Some users were returning ‘English’ instead of ‘en’ causing catastrophic errors. Likely affecting other languages too.
The change will happen automatically when you install this update, no further action required.


for 1.21
Further bug fix for the native language implementation. Some users were returning ‘English’ instead of ‘en’ causing catastrophic errors. Likely affecting other languages too.
The change will happen automatically when you install this update, no further action required.

for 1.20
Bug fix for new native language implementation

for 1.19
Added distinction between native language and interface language
Changes made to Observer (All Posts), Auto Translate (Initial language on dropdown), Long LingQ and Auto Translate (Locale of Hint)

for 1.18
Added Youtube Playlist Importer Free 1.11

for 1.17
Split version into Chrome and Firefox versions. Firefox version has Playlist importer and fixed a bug preventing it from working.

for 1.16
Added latest version of Observer
Added Free version of Youtube Playlist Importer

for 1.15
Added latest versions of AutoLingQ, Navigation and Observer
Fixed drive link (hasn’t updated since 1.12)

for 1.14
Updated Observer to 1.40, removed script src in manifest for Firefox store

for 1.12
Updated Observer to 1.37, Reader to 1.39, Course Upload to 1.12, Navigate to 1.19

Please Uninstall any standalone Rooster Web Extensions addons before using this product.


Feature Description Notes Free Version Premium
Rooster Master LingQ Menu for all Rooster Premium LingQ Tools The Ultimate productivity software. N/A Full Access
Rooster AutoLingQ Automatically selects the longest definition saved for each new ‘blue’ word Longer definitions are generally better than the most popular 1000 Words per Lesson & Skips words without meanings Full Access (Premium)
Rooster LingQ Observer Displays Multiple scrolling menus for New, LingQed, Known and Ignored Words Easily create, review and set your LingQ statuses Full Access Full Access
Rooster Long LingQ Displays the lesson in a large block. Highlight a phrase to open the menu. Long LingQs will be displayed in the Lesson LingQs menu Full Access Full Access
Rooster Lesson Extractor Extracts all related lesson files, ZIPS and downloads them to your computer. Text, Audio, Audio Fragments, Thumbnail Translation, Timestamps and ANKI cards for new words Full Access (Free Version) Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Lesson Translate Add translations to your lesson in multiple languages Uses DeepL 100 Sentences per lesson maximum Unlimited
Rooster Reader Multi-Modal Autoscrolling LingQ Reader See Feature Page Full Access (Free Version) Full Access (Premium)
Rooster HotKeys Opens a sophisticated Keybinding Menu for the LingQ Reader All Standard Keybindings and additional Custom Controls Full Access (Free Version) Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Lesson Editor Edit LingQ Lessons in a sophisticated UI menu See Feature Page Full Access (Free Version) Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Course Upload Upload LingQ Courses, Audio and Text files See Feature Page for Uploading Instructions Full Access Full Access
Rooster Lesson Navigator Easily navigate your courses/lessons and playlists Multiple lesson opening and navigation options Full Access Full Access
Rooster Youtube Playlist Importer Import Youtube Playlists as LingQ courses. Multiple formatting and import options. Import any video and it will import with text for your target language Full Access (Free Version) Separate purchase
Rooster Spotify Playlist Importer Import Spotify / Buzzsprout / ListenNotes playlists as LingQ courses Import song playlist lyrics/audio and transcribe podcasts Full Access (Free Version) Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Youtube Tools Language learning enhancements for Youtube videos Dual Subtitles (any language pair), AI translations, Create and Update LingQs N/A Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Netflix Tools Language learning enhancements for Netflix videos Dual Subtitles (any language pair), Modify spoken language, AI translations, Create and Update LingQs N/A Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Disney+ Tools Language learning enhancements for Disney+ videos Dual Subtitles (any language pair), Modify spoken language, AI translations, Create and Update LingQs N/A Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Amazon Tools Language learning enhancements for Amazon Prime videos Dual Subtitles (any language pair), Modify spoken language, AI translations, Create and Update LingQs N/A Full Access (Premium)
Rooster Viki Tools Language learning enhancements for videos Dual Subtitles (any language pair), Modify spoken language, AI translations, Create and Update LingQs N/A Full Access (Premium)

Rooster Master LingQ Free has just been released. All Free Web Extensions have been bundled into a single install.

More updates coming for Master LingQ Premium over the next few days.

Edit: All Premium Extensions have been merged into Master LingQ. (excl. Playlist Importer Premium) These individual extensions are still available individually and I have reduced their prices.
The main post has been updated showing clear pictures of each Feature and a new Video showing an In-depth look on Chrome for 1.22 is linked.
Master LingQ will continue to receive display updates and bug fixes and become the main extension going forward.


For Rooster Master LingQ (PREMIUM): Can the translation boxes be made movable?

I prefer my native language translation to the right since English reads left to right, and it lets me think before I scroll my eyes over to my native language from the target language:

Also, the toggle extra translation box ends up overlapping with the translation box if they aren’t movable:

LOVING the Japan Theme Highlighting! Thank you!

Edit: I think the movable translations (at least for one of the translation boxes) were in Rooster Reader Priemiium originally, so it could just be a bug or something, but I can’t remember.

Sorry about that. I pushed a fix just before that correctly adds the drag handles to the boxes, I also fixed up the highlighting for that mode and the extra translation box.

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Beautifly done!

Thank you!!! :smiley:

Looks like it is highlighting and showing the wrong line, ill fix that soon.

edit: fixed! Update in the drive.

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Oh wow! Good catch! Thanks!

Also, can you add a scroll to the translation box for translations (and the extra translation box) that are a bit longer but still highlighted:

Note: Sometimes, the human translation (for more complex texts) has more than one sentence in the translated language that explains that single sentence in the target language.

In this case, Korean has a translation that is more than one sentence in the English translation to explain it.

The idea I was thinking of was that the manual scroll would operate within the boundaries of the highlighted text. After the user scrolls to the bottom of the highlighted text, the manual scroll ability would stop.

Edit: If anyone has a similar experience to the one shown above — it means that part of you can't see all of your highlighted text in reader mode using Rooster Reader:
  1. Navigate to your control popup (the one with all the selections for the popups in reader mode):

Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 07.19.04

  1. Click on Font Settings:

Click Font Settings Rooster Reader

  1. And adjust your zoom for the font you are using:


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I understand the use case but this is a bit tedious to implement.

You can use the Font settings to reduce the size of long sentences if required.

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You’re brilliant!!

This is exactly what I needed to do!

:exploding_head: I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.


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Hey @roosterburton,

This is how the Show LingQs shows up for me (in Rooster Master LingQ) after I click it:

Note: Maybe the Observer lite and Known words sections are blank here? My version does not label them, but based on your pictures and context, it looks like the middle two boxes show up for me: New words and LingQed words?

Is the Rooster Observer part having similar issues to before? Or am I missing something?


P.S./Edit": Minor note, my selections in the main control panel here show up a little off-center, and I just wanted to report it in case it was something you wanted to know:

It should work like New/LingQed/Known/Ignore on regular view. Observer LITE is just for new words.

Edit: I noticed the headers are there in your screenshot just very dim!

I’ll figure out a better solution to display these buttons

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Edit 2: The missing columns are resolved. @roosterburton cleared it up quickly! :smiley:

I pulled it up in a different lesson, and it shows up properly:

But in that same lesson, I checked at first, it still shows up like this:

Note: There are blue LingQs present in both lessons, but the one missing the results (second picture in this reply) has fewer blue LingQs.

No section labels, though:

Edit: This is an image with LingQ set to dark mode. Headings display correctly when LingQ is set to light mode.

I can just keep that in mind if it doesn’t display in a particular lesson.

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Interesting. You can help me by doing a couple things regarding this.

First open that lesson that isnt displaying correctly here. Saving and sending that data file to me will be helpful.

Another thing you can do is report any console errors.

To open the Console, press F12 / Ctrl+Shift+J (Windows, Linux) or Command+Option+J (macOS).

Click the trash can first then open the Observer display and post a screenshot of the log

I can see the labels in your pic! I’ll change the color slightly to make it show better

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:exploding_head: Omg! I see it in white, faintly, in that pic, I didn’t even notice! Thanks!

Edit: I just realized it’s because I set LingQ to dark mode. The headings are fine when LingQ is set to light mode:

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Can we get a resizable container for the dictionaries?

Seems like that might be my “Close” button for that window? (I just guessed and clicked on it and it closed the window, lol)

Like on the other windows?

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I’ll have a look at this entire menu shortly



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I’m most interested in seeing chosen statistics live or every time I move to another sentence.
•Words read today
•Words read overall
•Maybe new words today

This is already in HotKeys. New words today I could add.


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Perfect! Thank you!! :heart_eyes:

Tried this today! It works great!

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 15.22.52

Great addition!

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