I am frustrated

I am frustrated. As much as I love Lingq’s very good approach, the bugs are really annoying. It also bothers me that there is no feedback on if and when these bugs will be fixed.

One of Steve Kaufmann’s recommendations is to search for texts that are appropriate to the level and import them. Unfortunately, the conversion of these texts into audio, i.e. text to speech, does not actually work. However, this is a feature that I paid for with my Premium subscription and is very important to me for my language learning. I’ve tried different browsers and I’m learning Spanish.

I realize that I’m not the only one with bugs. What is LingQ going to do about this? How long do I have to wait for the system to work properly? Is there anything I can do to make it work?

Who else has the same problem?

Unfortunately I am frustrated.


What problem specifically are you having? The more details, the better so the LingQ team can actually help. What are you importing where the TTS doesn’t work? (link to the content) What do you mean that “it doesn’t work”. Are you using a certain browser, or the app?.

I’ve imported hundreds of items and never had problems with the TTS (Spanish, German, etc.) so I’m curious what issue you might be having. Maybe someone has had a similar problem but has a procedure to follow, or at least a work around if it really is a bug, until LingQ can look at it.


Thanks ericb100 for the response.

Regarding my TTS problem:
Browsers I used: Safari for iPad, LingQ App for iPad, Chrome for Linux Mint, Firefox for Linux Mint.
Texts: recently text that I copied into the text field of the import function; Steve Kaufman’s book in PDF format; previously also news articles from the web via browser tool
Problem: There is a button for audio generation on the LingQ lesson page. The audio itself stops prematurely or doesn’t even start. In the sentence display, individual sentences could previously be played via audio. After the audio file has been created, this is no longer possible.

At first I had the impression that the problem didn’t occur with Firefox and Safari. But now the problem is apparent throughout.

My problem is also the communication from the LingQ team. When I wrote, they said that the problem had been recorded. However, there were no questions or further feedback. It would probably be better if the programmers themselves asked questions about problems so that they could take concrete steps.

More transparent communication would also be helpful.



I haven’t noticed the issue recently myself, but it’s possible I’ve just been mostly importing audio based content so I may not have seen the issue. The handful of articles that I’ve imported I don’t think I’ve tried the audio, but I’ll see if I have the same issue. (of course that doesn’t help it get fixed so hopefully Lingq team working on fixing it)

You’re right…it’s hard to tell if they are actively working on something. Many of proposed that they indicate these sort of things. It would be nice to see some transparency on that, but I’m not holding my breath.

Hopefully they look into the issue soon.


Hi @Flowerbird8 !
I am sorry you are frustrated. The LingQ team is working on this issue. Unfortunately, it takes more time than expected.
The issue occurs when certain voices are used to generate a lesson TTS. So if you are learning Spanish - try to temporarily change the voice to any other except the Lucia (Reader Settings → Text-to-speech → Voice).


I use text to speech for Greek and Ukrainian fairly regularly and it’s worked fine every time as long as the text itself has appropriate spelling, accent marks, etc. I use Brave Browser and Chrome.

Not sure why you’re having issues, but I hope it gets resolved for you quickly! Good luck!


Please get rid of the black box in the new speech button in sentence mode. It’s distracting.

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Hi @Denys_B

Your tip is worth its weight in gold. It works best for me now with the voice “Enrique Spain”. Now I’m no longer frustrated. Thank you.

P.S. Nevertheless, I would like to see more transparency overall


I rate LingQ far higher than any other app I have used, namely Duolingo, Busuu, Babbel and Mosalingua. And yet when I import French YT videos, the bugs are so annoying that I am considering not using LingQ for French, and just using YT. The LingQ ‘magic elfs’ do fix many bugs when reported, and I understand that some will be assigned a higher priority than others, and that some are hard to fix. And yet I’m not convinced that bugs should be so common that I routinely (every 5 minutes) swear out of frustration while using LingQ.


I may try some new setting for text to speech, but I never had any great expectations. There is so much authentic Russian audio I can capture and upload. The best part is I can generate transcripts from all that audio – and Lingq does a virtually perfect job of transcribing it. In this way I have both authentic native input and a transcript to read.

I do also recommend you check out the [Rooster Master LingQ - The Ultimate LingQ Enhancement Tool](Rooster Master for Lingq web extensions) to get even more value from Lingq.

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