Extension: Rooster Amazon Tools for LingQ - Language Learning on Amazon Prime


Extra features for language learners when watching videos on Amazon Prime.

Buy Amazon Tools (Premium)
*Note: Amazon Tools is included in Master LingQ Premium

Rooster Amazon Tools (Premium) (FIREFOX Exclusive)

  • After purchasing MasterLingQ or Amazon Tools from SendOwl you will be sent an email automatically from me with your license code. If you paid via donation I will generate and send a code to you manually.



Amazon Prime uses a different mechanism than Youtube/Netflix to retrieve their subtitles. Unfortunately they have managed to hide their subtitles by placing them in a different scope of data. We need to utilize a tool like TamperMonkey which allows greater control of webpage manipulation. You will still need to install the Amazon Prime Tools Extension in conjunction.

Instructions to Install Tampermonkey and Rooster Subtitles script

(Instructions for Disney - same for Amazon Prime)
Install TamperMonkey
Copy and paste the script located inside subtitlesAmazon.js (In the ZIP folder)

Save the Script

Enable the script


  • Style fix for font size of Side panel button


  • See Install Video
  • Updated Tampermonkey script and returned to Tampermonkey script reliance. Note: Bringing the subtitles into the mainscript resulted in a whole range of timing and update issues. This change has been reverted.
  • Bug fix for loading on domains other than primevideo.com. (all Amazon specific domains should now be accepted. e.g. amazon.com)
  • You must click the Load with Rooster Button before playing each video.


  • Style fix for font size of Side panel button


  • Added an expandable Side Panel for viewing lesson words, definitions, TTS
  • Added a keybind for Toggle Side Panel. (base: ctrl+j)
  • Bug fix for Color picker GUI appearing in screen corner on overlay load
  • Bug fix for saved video and language preferences from applying in all cases
  • Bug fix for Caption Buttons being visible every caption change instead of on mouseover when preference is on


  • Added ability to load an image as the caption box background with persistence
  • Added 2 new word effects Letter Spacing and Line Through
  • Bug fix for Opacity word effect
  • Bug fix for word effects applying immediately after pressing save


  • Bug fix for highlighted phrases triggering a second time when deselecting


  • Bug fix for LingQing phrases when Translit or Word translation overlay is applied
  • Bug fix for initial visibility of Word Translation Overlay when loading from Tooltips.


  • Mouseover Word GUI positon now has its own preference rather than relying on other factors.
  • Bug fix for empty space in the word translation space when loading from tooltips and no LingQ lesson supplied


  • Added Tooltips as a Word Translation Overlay source
  • Bug fix for size of caption box in some cases
  • Bug fix for initial preference of word level translations


  • Bug fix for a bobbing motion on the captions box on subtitle change


  • Bug fix for Pause on Mouseover user preference applying on video load.


  • Bug fix for Word GUIs appearing on the screen corner under certain conditions


  • Bug fix for Clicked Word GUI appearing behind less important elements
  • Style fix for drag menu limit line being visible


  • Style fix for size of sentences in the mouseover word gui


  • Added More Hints mini button to the Mouseover Word GUI
  • Added Show Hints to the Clicked Word GUI popup
  • Added Word Level Translation option to the Download Subtitles feature in the Video Settings menu
  • Added Use Machine Translate as an additional setting when loading from LingQ text
  • Style fix for Mouseover Word GUI shifting when using the buttons in some cases
  • Style fix for button positions in the Clicked Word GUI popup


  • Bug fix for words with grammar marks being excluded in some words/languages that use them
  • Style fix for size of the translation and sentences in the word GUI


  • Added an extra button to the word status gui for same video sentence examples
  • Added External/Video sentence buttons to the clicked word gui popup


  • Bug fix for synchronization of dropdowns when machine translating to a Chinese variant
  • Bug fix for word splitting not occurring for Chinese variants on lesson load in some cases


  • Bug fix for untitled split lessons in some cases when using the Series Import feature
  • Lessons imported via Series Import are now in their own course. (No longer adds to a same named course if applicable)


  • Bug fix for initial preference of Show Overlay Menu


  • Further bug fix for interactivity of the floating captions / translation menu after using the Move Menus menu setting.


  • Further bug fix for Netflix word GUIs appearing in corner of screen when Auto LingQ New Words feature is enabled and no menu shown.


  • Bug fix for mouseover GUI flickering when mousing over a word and the caption is fading.
  • Style fix for Show Overlay Menu margin


  • Added a menu setting to display/hide the control menu when overlay has finished loading
  • Bug fix for word tooltips remaining on the screen in some cases
  • Bug fix for word tooltips displaying in screen corner when the new words menu is hidden and Auto LingQ New Words is checked.
  • Bug fix for Floating Captions/Translation menu being non-interactable after using Move Menus
  • Style fix for Auto Ignore Hint-less words setting menu margins


  • Added Auto Ignore Hint-less words setting to Auto LingQ New Words feature
  • Bug fix for LingQing all available translations when using Auto LingQ New Words or LingQ All
  • Bug fix for sending of listening time in some cases


  • Added Word Level Translations feature and interface options
  • Bug fix for end screen visibility and Show end screen preference


  • Bug fix for LingQing new words with Chinese as the selected dictionary


  • Added a checkbox to Adjust Time Differential to automatically any ad time. (Ad timing should be auto adjusted, use this as a backup/reference)
  • Bug fix for time differential not applying correctly
  • Bug fix for the floating captions/translations popups not appearing in fullscreen.
  • Style fix for caption buttons alignment


  • Bug fix for caption buttons menu flickering on/off when setting is unchecked


  • Added Word Level Timestamps feature
  • Added Time Differential feature
  • Shadow stop time is now based on tick rate rather than video update rate. (new 0.1s was 0.2-0.4s)
  • Bug fix for previous caption keybind working correctly
  • Bug fix for backup translation methods for new words not activating under certain conditions.


  • Added Pause for 'X' to the Shadow feature
  • Note: Word timestamps are not yet available on AmazonPrime so old stop time remains (0.3s)


  • Bug fix for key validation failing when Rooster website is down


  • Added more backups for translating less common new words that have no saved definitions on LingQ


  • Bug fix for Keybindings not working correctly when marking word status 1-5. (Since updated GUI)


  • Bug fix for LingQ dictionary locale only updating during new lesson creation


  • Updates to the Word GUI. (Dictionaries, Sentence Examples, Update LingQ)
  • Bug fix for caption container being displayed in the wrong position


  • Bug fix for overlay failing when loading from LingQ data and no subtitle options are available


  • Style fix for floating translation line highlight not updating in sync with main caption
  • Style fix for caption buttons menu being inside the caption box in some cases when using subtitle translation


  • Style fix for translation line background disappearing occassionally when using subtitle translation


  • Added Color picker for main line caption when not loading from LingQ
  • Floating word menus now fade out gracefully (No longer a sharp on/off display)
  • Subtitle translation line now flows freely. (No longer force paired). Use Machine/GPT translation for exact pairs.
  • Improved GUI tick rate (was 2.5t/s now 4t/s)
  • Bug fix for current subtitle being selected in some cases in GUI menu


  • Added Series Import → Activate by clicking the button where Load Movie usually is on movie page.
  • From this menu: Import an entire TV season in 25+ languages, Refresh the Rooster GUI with this episodes subtitles, 1 Click play episode (From info page)
  • When an episode ends the GUI is automatically recreated with the next episodes data


  • Bug fix for some new words not receiving a translation when LingQing and in translation popup


  • Added backup data methods for word translations
  • Bug fix for translation popup failing in some cases


  • Added Machine Translation Feature
  • Swapped Translation subtitle with translation menu


  • Bug fix for start of caption lines being cropped in some cases


  • Bug fix for mismatch between translation line and main caption line in some cases.
  • Bug fix for interactivity of floating caption windows when not loading from a LingQ lesson.


  • Style fix for words shifting slightly when captions update and importing multiple languages at same time


  • Bug fix for word status gui disappearing early on extended subtitles menu when imported to LingQ


  • Extended Subtitle Languages now update independently of the main caption line. (This fixes splitting issues between original subtitles)
  • Bug fix for loading rooster menu on first attempt without page refresh in some cases


  • Added more options for spoken speed preference
  • Moved Toggle Spaces option to Menu Settings


  • Bug fix for Overlay generating before GPT translation is ready on some longer videos.
  • Bug fix for causing an error on import when using GPT Translation and importing to Japanese when word split optimization is checked


  • Added a retry mechanism up to 2 if GPT translation returns less than 70% accuracy. (Most Translations are returning 65-100% with infrequent 0% failures)
  • Long GPT Translation lessons are once again no longer split into multiple lessons
  • LingQ Translation Language and Ling Dictionary Language are now separate


  • Added additional checkbox to generate audio for video speed based on spoken TTS speed
  • Bug fix for Amazon standard caption container not being visible when forced foreign subs should be shown. (e.g Spanish in an English movie)
  • Style fix for width of initial menu


  • Listening time is now calculated based on spoken time only, not video playback time. Video playback speed is also taken into account
  • Bug fix for overlay failing to generate if no LingQ account attached
  • Bug fix for word menus remaining on screen until next caption is played
  • Bug fix for translation captions not autoscrolling unless main caption window is open


  • Potential bug fix for time differential between ads


  • Bug fix for lesson imports containing unrelated audio in some cases when importing from a privileged account


  • Bug fix for incorrect video/source url appearing in lesson during early stages of lesson import


  • Bug fix for translation popup visibility when not loading from a LingQ lesson


  • Bug fix for importing video picture as the lesson picture in some cases. (More fallbacks added)


  • GPT Translate lessons are now split. (Note: this was causing errors, you can still normal import, add a translation and re-overlay for long movies)


  • All imported lessons now include original timestamps and emote lines
  • Heavy Import renamed to GPT translation
  • Bug fix for GPT Translation failing on priviledged accounts sometimes


  • Bug fix for download subtitles button not working when importing from LingQ data or after generating GPT translation


  • Bug fix for inaccurate reporting of video Listening time


  • Bug fix for words sometimes returning no data.


  • Bug fix for listening time going negative when skipping backwards in a video.


  • Bug fix Japanese/Chinese Text to Speech returning with gaps between characters.


  • Bug fix for fetch lesson details timing out in some cases


  • Bug fix for word data returning in your preferred dictionary language rather than your set translation language.


  • Imported videos are no longer split
  • Heavy imported subtitles no longer stop at end of lesson limit
  • Regular import no longer occurs when Heavy Import is selected


  • Bug fix for some words being concatenated together when using Heavy Import setting


  • Bug fix for translation popup information when loaded from extended subtitles menu
  • Bug fix for Auto LingQing new words from extended subtitles menu if new word had no previous definition


  • Bug fix for updating the status number of extra languages
  • Bug fix for TTS, Know and Ignore function on new words in extended subtitles box


  • Removed combined word menus when multiple languages are imported. (Note: Process needs to be reworked)


  • Added Extended Subtitles menu. (Note: Similar to Netflix/Youtube, load subtitles for and import multiple languages at once)


  • Style fix for button width extending past some menus
  • Bug fix for displaying ignored word tooltips
  • Lesson is now named after the episode, course remains the series name


  • See Install Video
  • Updated Tampermonkey script and returned to Tampermonkey script reliance. Note: Bringing the subtitles into the mainscript resulted in a whole range of timing and update issues. This change has been reverted.
  • Bug fix for loading on domains other than primevideo.com. (all Amazon specific domains should now be accepted. e.g. amazon.com)
  • You must click the Load with Rooster Button before playing each video.


  • Bug fix for saving meanings of new words in LingQ if word had never been defined


  • Bug fix for auto-ignoring words that have itself as a meaning but also other meanings


  • Removed dependence on Tampermonkey
  • Bug fix for some movies failing to find subtitles


  • Added ignored words to hide all known words feature
  • Bug fix for TTS on LingQed words menu


  • Overall style clean of all menus
  • reworked pause on mouseover to only replay if video was playing
  • If selecting a course with 1 lesson it now auto fills the lesson id
  • Bug fix for Alert for dangerous buttons appearing in full screen
  • Bug fix for LingQing words with special formatting requirements
  • Bug fix for LingQing words with apostrophes in languages that require it


  • Updated Alert for dangerous buttons popup to a rooster themed one
  • Updated word colors and effects menu
  • Bug fix for newly lingqed words with transliteration losing their transliteration on next viewing


  • Bug fix for visibility of caption buttons


  • Converted ‘Video Settings’ menu to ‘Control Panel’ like Netflix/YT.
  • Added ability to change the speed of spoken/non spoken parts of the video.
  • Style and color fixes across various menus


  • Added ‘Auto Replay Caption X times’ feature to caption buttons.
  • Added Hindi as a select-able language.
  • Added more TTS options to Observer
  • Style fixes for caption buttons, control panel menu, tooltips for caption buttons
  • Bug fix for word status GUI position if page was partially scrolled before loading the video.


  • Added ‘Generate Audio’ → You can now dub your video with any of the available subtitles.
  • Readded large number of text to speech voices. (Fixed a previous error → some of the voices failing to play)
  • Bug fix for Video settings menu not being hidden if initial panel is closed while creating. (Now just inserts an icon)


  • Normalized the ‘Keybindings’ Modal colors/styles to other menus
  • Can now repopulate the courses dropdown if wrong language was initially selected
  • Minor styling fixes, hover effects across various menus
  • Bug fix for display of word status menu if word was marked ‘known’ without Lingqing
  • Bug fix for the text display of a keybind sequence that had been rebound from 1 action to another
  • Bug fix for word status bars when mousing out of end screen
  • Bug fix for toggling of ‘Move menus’ via click


  • Style fix for color settings menu position
  • Style fix for some menu positions after pressing ‘Reset Display’
  • Removed some problematic Text to Speech options
  • Bug fix for being able to drag several menus with the ‘move menus’ bind/checkbox
  • Bug fix for removing word status menus when mousing out of combined new word list
  • Bug fix for excessive lag caused by Observer menu

QoL Patch → Bug fixes and menus

  • Normalized colors across menus
  • Style fixes for Checkboxes / Buttons / Text centering
  • Video thumbnail now imports with the LingQ lesson.
  • No longer need to input 2nd caption line to play the video. Also added a “None” option for clarity.
  • Bug fix for click to move on floating captions/translation.
  • Bug fix for floating captions/translation being visible in fullscreen mode.
  • Bug fix for Text to Speech buttons missing from the new/lingqed words menus.
  • Bug fix for main captions box starting in the middle of the page instead of closer to bottom.
  • Bug fix for some menus being able to drag off the screen in some cases.
  • Bug fix for Netflix logo showing on validation menu.
  • Bug fix for ‘Reset Display’ causing weird behaviour when dragging menus.
  • Bug fix for permanent position of ‘Stats Menu’
  • Bug fix for permanent position of new/lingqed words menus when dragging via drag handle

for 1.29

  • Moved several settings to more relevant menus
  • Added Known button to Observer ‘New Words’ Menu
  • Bug fix for ‘Create new course’ from courses dropdown
  • Bug fix for native language populating dropdowns for some users
  • Bug fix for Observer causing requests to fail in some cases
  • Bug fix for Text to Speech on word click in some cases

for 1.28

  • Bug fix for display of non native language GPT translations
  • Minor style fixes on start menu

for 1.27

  • Added GPT Translation Import
  • Replaced Import as Ebook with Import ‘Heavy Lesson’
    Note: Heavy Lesson imports the video with Timestamps and GPT translation. This information is then used in the overlay. The caption will be translated to your LingQ Translation language preference. This process can take up to 10 minutes to complete based on length of the video.
  • Bug fix for import as E-Book not working at all. (TTML2 format was not supported by LingQ)
  • Bug fix for word status gui persisting when mousing out of floating word menus

for 1.26

  • bug fix for changing container and translation colour via caption buttons

for 1.25

  • Added a toggle to hide the word hover status buttons. (can still interact with keybinds when toggled off)
  • Added persistance for floating captions & translation size / position / preset / font size / padding.
  • Bug fix for word status menu position if page had been partially scrolled.
  • Bug fix for interacting with word status menu if border effect is applied.
  • Bug fix for space between words based on font size

for 1.24

  • Added tooltips to most menu actions
  • Improved Stats/Settings/Lesson Settings/Start menu styles and colors.
  • Added a checkbox to toggle word status menu above/below word. (Default is underneath if translit attached, above if no translit)
  • Major improvements to presentation and layout

for 1.23

  • Added transliteration line as a toggleable box for the downloadable subtitles file. (Uses your current selected translit type)
  • If AutoLingQ while watching is enabled it will now auto ignore words that translate to the same word.
  • Increased mouse highlighting TTS/translation cap from 5-10
  • Added Extension Icon and replaced Rooster images
  • Increased font size in word hover menus
  • Bug fix for ‘Word spacing preference’ and persistance between caption lines.
  • Bug fix for word hover GUIs width in some cases.
  • Bug fix for Auto LingQ new words if word popups arent open
  • Bug fix for multiple status menus appearing on LingQ all click
  • Bug fix for LingQed / New word / Video settings menus persistant position if moved via drag handle.
  • Bug fix for TTS timing on phrase highlights.
  • Bug fix for some menus being on top of the end video screen

for 1.22

  • Changed LingQ code inputs to a mapped dropdown.
  • Added full screen support
  • Added some additional parsing support for Hebrew
  • Caption container is now hidden inbetween dialogue. (Wih a fade out effect)
  • Improved menu colors
  • Bug fix causing TTS delay on phrase highlights.
  • Bug fix for Menu position when clicking ‘toggle settings’
  • Bug fix for caption button index not updating unless rehovered
  • Bug fixes for multiple menus drag boundaries.
  • Updated incorrectly labelled native video keybinds

for 1.21

  • Improved the Keybindings Menu.
    (Grouped keybinds into categories, added toggle between wide and short view.)
    (Improved the layout, colors, styles and effects)
  • Remapped available Text to Speech voices. (added several new options for some languages)
  • Caption Buttons now start visible if you have never toggled the setting.
  • Bug fix for Caption Buttons persisting when changing video.
  • Bug fix for Auto LingQ New words in Lesson settings.
  • Bug fix for Autoscroll if only floating translation is visible.

for 1.20

  • Bug fix for Caption buttons position moving around when hovering over a word. (Annoying bug that made the captions button difficult to click)
  • Bug fix for Stats menu persisting when changing pages
  • Style fix for spaces between mouseover bu ttons
  • Style fix for mouseover button colors after changing status
  • Moved the word mouseover GUI to appear above the word instead of below. (The toolbar appearing below covers the translation, this seems to look nicer.)

for 1.19

  • Added support for Right to Left written languages

for 1.18

  • General alignment fixes
  • Bug fix for Captions being ontop of other menus
  • Bug fix for initial lesson setting preferences without having clicked ‘Lesson Settings’.
  • Bug fix for caption container size when changing font
  • Bug fix for dragging Keybindings menu
  • Added Auto LingQ New Words checkbox to ‘Lesson Settings’ menu
  • Added Translation popup toggle checkbox to ‘Lesson Settings’ menu
  • GUI improvements to translation popup
  • Added Keybindings
    “(Menu) LingQ All Words”: { key: “KeyQ”, ctrl: false, shift: true, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Transliteration Change Style”: { key: “KeyZ”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “TextToSpeech Change Voice”: { key: “KeyX”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Change Font”: { key: “KeyF”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Increase Font Size”: { key: “Equal”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Decrease Font Size”: { key: “Minus”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Word Menu Display”: { key: “KeyS”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Keybindings Menu”: { key: “KeyH”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Stats Menu”: { key: “KeyI”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Lesson Settings Menu”: { key: “KeyL”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Color Settings Menu”: { key: “KeyR”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Video Settings Menu”: { key: “KeyE”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },

for 1.17

  • Bug fix for color settings menu display
  • Improved the color settings menu
  • Added a new ‘Word Effects’ feature. This feature allows you to change multiple visual options dependent on the word’s LingQ status.
  • Current Options: Increased Size, Add Border, Shadow, Capitalize first letter

for 1.16

  • Added use LingQ text / Translation checkbox. (Works with the Ebook import from previous patch)


  • Added an import as Ebook Checkbox. This imports the text while preserving the timestamps. (You can use this method add a translation in LingQ and then reoverlay onto videotools)*
  • Added option to download individual SRT files. (Combined was already an option)
  • Bug fix for main line priority when 2nd subtitle line is out of sync.


  • Bug fix for Observer menu display
  • If observer menu is open, clicking on a word in the subtitles will open it in observer.


  • Added backup server for key validation
  • Changed default colours/highlights on floating captions/translations box
  • Added Translation line colour picker to Captions Buttons
  • Added keybinds for all caption buttons
    “TTS Sentence”: { key: “KeyT”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Copy Sentence”: { key: “KeyC”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Shadow Toggle”: { key: “KeyS”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Caption Colour”: { key: “KeyV”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Translation Colour”: { key: “KeyL”, ctrl: false, shift: true, alt: false, meta: false },
  • Bug fix for words starting with ¿

1.12 → Bug fix for Japanese subtitles/lesson creation
1.11 → Bug fix for TV shows. (Note: Popup will appear ~10-15 seconds after page load)
1.10 → Initial Release

Supported website variations

Detailed Notes
Feature Description
Dual Subtitles Display subtitles in selected language pairs.
Subtitle Syncing Captions are synced with the original audio, regardless of spoken language.
Query Word Translation from Language Reactor Utilize GPT/Machine learning for word translation data.
One-Click LingQ Lesson Creation Create LingQ lessons in any language with a single click.
Attach LingQ Lessons for Tooltips and Highlighting Use attached LingQ lessons for mouseover tooltips and word highlighting.
Automatic stats Automatically calculates your listen time / words read and sends to LingQ
LingQ Observer Integration Sophisticated LingQ creation / editing menu built for Youtube.
In-Player LingQ Lesson Management Create and update LingQs directly in the Amazon video player.
Split Lesson Support Attach multiple LingQ lessons to a single video.
Autoscrolling Words Popup Displays popups for new words and those in LingQ lessons as they appear in the video.
Text to Speech and Voice Selection Choose different voices for text-to-speech functionality.
One-Click LingQ Word Management LingQ all lesson words or mark words as known with a single click.
Transliteration for Certain Languages Offers transliteration options for languages that require it.
Word Splitting for Chinese/Japanese Splits words appropriately for these languages.
Segment Solutions for Arabic/Chinese Provides segment solutions tailored for Arabic and Chinese languages.
Filtering Options for LingQed Words/Phrases Filter options for words or phrases that have been added to LingQ.
Text to Speech for Phrases/Sentences Activate text to speech for full phrases or the current sentence.
Subtitle Tools Menu Copy, Rewind and Text to Speech of current caption.
Keybindings Utilize and modify LingQ related keyboard binds on Amazon Prime.
Customization Options Control a wide array of menu options including colors, size, position, visibility and more

This one doesn’t seem to work for TV shows. I get the following errors when trying this with Deutschland 83:

Error: Button not found after waiting
TypeError: can’t access property “forEach”, i is undefined

Thanks for the report, It does seem to be possible. I’ve just made an error in the code. Ill try fix this tonight.

Have fixed the problem, will run some extra checks accross movies/tv shows make sure it all works

2nd edit: Fixed in new Master LingQ patch


Amazon Prime Tools 1.78

Series Importer
Import an Amazon TV Show season to LingQ.

Amazon Prime Tools 1.45

Multiple language import and overlay now available

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I recently purchased Master Lingq Premium, thank you for all the work you’ve done! I am using Amazon Tools to import a lesson into LingQ, which works great for the subtitles. I have two questions:

  • Is there any way to import the audio from Amazon Prime? (Sorry if I missed this.)
  • There are major differences between what is spoken in the Hebrew audio and the content of the Hebrew subtitles (apparently Amazon Prime does these separately). Do you have any suggestions for how to improve this? E.g. would it be worth trying some sort of speech-to-text instead of using the imported subtitles? The best case would be for an AI to attempt to correct the subtitles based on the audio, not sure that tech exists though.


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Hey mate, thanks for your purchase and comments.

The audio files are available although they are unfortunately DRM locked. There are external solutions to that problem that you can look into but they are usually not simple or free.
I’ve heard Audible is good if you want to record playback, you could then transcribe it yourself using the LingQ importer. (And re-overlay onto Rooster tools, if you like)

The difference between the spoken and written subtitles are unfortunate and should be addressed by the streaming provider. There is an option to generate audio which you can use to dub the subtitles although the quality can be significantly lower.

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Thanks. I think you meant Audacity for recording playback? I tried that and it worked great. Lingq gave an error though when I tried to import the audio for transcription, so I tried a few online AI audio-to-speech engines. Most of them were terrible, but Amazon AWS works remarkably well. Yes, there are errors, but not many. So I’m good!

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Right. Great that it worked.

You probably need to convert the file to mp3 first. (It may also be a pseudo mp3 file)

finding the best model for any language can be a challenge.

A quick google search came up with this

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Im having an issue with TV series - im using series download function and whatever episode I open the rooster overlay has the subtitles for the first episode of the series.

Screenshot shows the difference between the actual subtitle track and the overlay hopefully

The same happens when I open an episode individuall rather than the series option. It happens for me in both firefox and firefox developer. Ive also tried various combinations of the extensions (i.e. with and with

out the official Lingq extension, with and without the master rooster/just the amazon tools).

Im trying to use amazon as I still havent sorted the glitches on netflix - is it possible that the overlays just dont work the same with mac?

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Are you clicking the Load episode with Rooster Tools button?
A page refresh might be required between episodes. Or you could use ``Use LingQ Text` setting and select the lesson from the dropdown.

I noticed that split lessons using the series importer aren’t adding properly. I’ll have a look at that.

For the Netflix issue, did you clear your browser cache? I think your issue is related to a previous install. Another thing it could be is your location settings (if using a VPN)

Edit: I think the version of Amazon Tools you are using is quite dated too

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Yes, Im clicking ‘load episode with rooster tools’ button. But havent tried use linq text will try that when Im back online properly later.

Im not sure what the version of amazon tools looks dated - its from yesterday’s update you emailed out and I download? (including re-coping the script into Tampermonkey as I wasnt sure if this changed every time).

On netflix I emptied the cache, I tried using a private window, restarted many times extra. I dont use a VPN and dont need to link Linq with netflix badly enough to pay for one! I am just watching it with normal french subtitles instead and then manually adding listen time. I miss the look up function though hence why I looked for a series with both french audio and french subtitles available in UK on amazon.

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I am convinced it is your browsers fault. If you installed yesterdays update and the screenshot you provided is current there is no reason for it to be 7+ patches behind other than a browser cache issue. Also the Tampermonkey scripts don’t need to be regularly updated. I’ll make an announcement if that is the case.

Have you tried using the new Netflix Chrome extension? If that works as expected then that will confirm it.

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