How to earn Coins and what to do with them?

Coins are the “carrot” that motivates you toward learning your target language in a comprehensive manner. If you are earning Coins, then you are spending time with the language, which means you are improving.

How do you earn Coins?

You earn Coins for all the learning activity you do on LingQ (besides writing submissions & tutor conversations). Here is a breakdown:
  • Creating LingQs: 1-4 Coins per LingQ
  • Adding Known Words: 5-20 Coins depending on the value of the word)
  • Increasing the status of LingQs: 1-4 Coins per status increase depending on the value of the word)
    • You can increase the status of a LingQ manually or by getting the word correct twice in a row during vocab review exercises
  • Reading: 1 Coin for every 10 words of reading.
  • Listening: 100 Coins for every hour of listening you do, either in the Reader or in Playlists (manually added Listening will not earn you Coins). So 3 minutes of listening will earn you 5 Coins.

What determines the value of a word

The most common words are considered more valuable and are worth four Coins. The less common a word is, the fewer Coins you will earn.
The number of Coins each word is worth is shown under the word in the LingQ panel.
Consider the above example, which is worth 4 coins. Making a LingQ out of this word will earn you 4 Coins. Increasing the status of the word will earn you 4 Coins each time. And marking it Known earns you 20 Coins!

What can you do with Coins?

Your Daily Goal and Streak are based on Coins earned. Earn the amount of Coins equal to or greater than your Daily Goal and you will maintain your Streak. If you miss your Daily Goal one day, you can use 5,000 Coins to repair your Streak.

What Determines the Coin Color?

The color of your Coins is determined by how many coins you've earned in the language over the past 30 days.

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