LingQ Statistics

LingQ tracks all of your learning so you can check up on your progress anytime.

Your statistics show the progress you are making. Just keep creating LingQs, increasing the status of LingQs, and marking words as Known. Your statistics will grow, and your real-life results will follow!
All language learning activity you do on LingQ is automatically tracked. So you get some valuable statistics on how you are learning and improving, which can help you stay motivated!

Known Words

It is the primary metric used on LingQ to measure your progress. How many known words are needed to reach the next level varies from language to language. Of course, if you're just getting started with LingQ, this number will be 0, even if you already have a base in the language. As you do more lessons, this number will increase. It represents how many words in the language you know.


These are the words you are learning. Words you see in a lesson but don't understand, so you look up and save their meanings. You will learn these words over time. The more LingQs you create, the more you expose yourself to new words to improve your base in the language.

How do you maintain your Streak?

Your streak represents how many consecutive days you've hit your Daily Goal in Coins earned. This is the number shown next to the fire icon at the top of the Library page. If you miss your Streak, you can use coins to repair your streak. But try to hit your Streak every day to make consistent progress!

How do you earn Coins?

You earn coins for reading, listening, adding Known Words, creating LingQs & increasing the status of LingQs (either manually or through Review exercises). To see a detailed breakdown of how you earn coins, go here.

How to see a more detailed breakdown your stats

  • On Web, click the dropdown menu next to the Streak (fire) icon
  • On mobile, click on the box that shows your Streak (fire icon), and daily Coins earned count.