LingQ Playlist - Improve your Listening

A key to success in language-learning is listening to your target language every day. The LingQ Playlist makes it simple and easy to listen to your lessons while on the go!

The Playlist is an mp3 player in your LingQ app. It's an easy way to listen to the audio track of any and all of your LingQ lessons.
  • Access: As you complete lessons, they are automatically added to your Playlist which is synced across web and mobile for you. And available for download to listen offline.
  • Customize: You can also create additional playlists
  • Listen: We recommend listening to the same lessons over and over again, even if you can't understand 100% of the content. When doing mundane tasks around the house or commuting are some of the best times to listen to your lessons.
  • Strike a balance: You'll continue adding new lessons into your Playlist as you progress. We encourage you to strike a balance between novelty and repetition. You'll re-listen to the same lessons, but you'll also listen to new ones and use the Shuffle function. Your brain needs a balance of both.
  • Mix it up: After listening to a more challenging lesson, mix things up and go back to one that's easier for you. After listening to the lessons you're more comfortable with, go for a more challenging one. This is how you strike that balance.
  • Read too: Always read the lessons you listen to either before or after listening so you can keep building your reading skills and retain your vocabulary. Keep creating LingQs!

Custom playlist ideas
  • A playlist for all the lessons in a given course
  • A playlist for audio you want to listen to later.
  • A playlist for a given topic/theme (ie songs or history).
  • An Easy Playlist vs. a Hard Playlist. You can listen to the Easy Playlist on 1.1-2X speed. And you can listen to the Hard Playlist at .75-.9X speed. And when a lesson becomes easy, move it from the Hard to the Easy playlist.

Action step: After you've upgraded to LingQ Premium, download the LingQ mobile app and add a lesson to your Playlist.