What are the daily coins for and how to use them?

I am a beginner of LingQ, I noitice everyday I earn many coins by studying, but next day all the coins are gone, and restarts from 0 again.
Cam someone tell me what are these clins for, and why the next day all are gone? and how can I keep them?
Thanks in advance!

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Please take a look at these two help articles to get all the details regarding coins and your Daily Goal:

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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So as I understand coins is only for repair streak and for gathering it, but also I can’t check how many exactly I have it. I’m not sure that this coins are some motivator. If be honest in my case it’s demotivating that everyday it shows how many coins I got, but later it gone and only what I can do with it in future it will be repair my strike :confused:

You can see how many coins you’ve earned in total. Go to profile, change “Known Words” to “Coins Earned” in the drop-down menu, then you can view how many you earned for the week, the month, etc. Also if you join challenges you can see how many coins you’ve earned through those.

That said, I still don’t see why the coins are even there, coins should have more uses than they do.


Ok, thanks for instruction how to find this coins amount.

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So can you tell me how to use coins?

You can use coins to repair your streak in case it gets broken.