What's the Streak and How Do I Maintain it?

Keeping your streak alive is your main success metric on LingQ

This metric is based on how many coins you earn each day. Creating LingQs, listening and reading lessons earns you coins and is the core learning activity on LingQ. It measures your progress toward your goals. It's better to practice for 30 minutes daily rather than for 3 hours every few days.
When you join LingQ, you set your Daily LingQs Goal. You can choose between:

If you achieve your Daily Goal, your streak remains alive for that day! It's that simple.

Pro Tip:
If you miss your Streak, you can use coins to repair your streak.

What is the Streak Indicator?

You will see your Streak Indicator in the main navigation bar on the web. Click on it for an in-depth view of your statistics. On mobile, tap on the status bar, which appears at the top of the Library. Or, tap and hold on any blank space in the Reader screen to see your Streak Indicator.

Measure Your 30-Day Activity

The Streak indicator also changes colour to show you how active you have been in the last 30 days. The chart below shows the colours which reflect the number of coins you have earned over that period.
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