What do all the statistics mean?

Learn what they mean so you can make the most of your experience!

LingQ involves various statistics which are tracked automatically for each user:

  • LingQs - Creating a LingQ is assigning a meaning to a word you read in your target language.
  • Coins - Coins are earned by creating LingQs, increasing LingQ statuses, making LingQs known, listening, reading. Read more about coins.
  • Known Words - Your Known Word Count consists of all status 4 - Learned Words and Known Words in your statistics.
  • LingQs Learned - Any time you move a LingQ to status 4 - Learned or Known, it counts as a LingQ Learned.
  • Listening hours - All time you spend listening to Lesson audios or your Playlist on LingQ is tracked automatically.
  • Words read - Every word you read on LingQ is tracked automatically.
  • Streak - Every consecutive day you meet your daily LingQ goal (whatever your goal is), you maintain your streak. Learn more about the Streak.
  • Activity Score - An ongoing score of the learning activity you do on LingQ. It is based on the coins you earned through reading and Vocabulary review within the last 30 days.