Learn the Essential Functions of LingQ

Start with the essentials, and we'll help you work your way up

LingQ is a powerful, multi-functional tool that can take you from zero to fluent in any number of languages.

The Library and LingQ Reader: Your Home Base

As you learned in the last article, LingQ is based on the concept of comprehensible input. This means we flood our brain with the language, we don't understand at first, and with consistency, it starts to make sense.

There are no drills or memorization tests at LingQ. In fact, LingQ mimics the way we acquire our native language, which is why it's so effective. It is a nonlinear journey, and you choose your path. Learning on LingQ is fun because you choose what to study!

You'll spend at least 90% of your time on LingQ reading and listening to lessons. You can study lessons already available in LingQ, and/or import your own (full details in next article). Remember Steve's 7 secrets to success from the last article as you begin to choose lessons.

In the following tutorial, you'll learn exactly how to find lessons in the Library and how to use the LingQ Reader. These two places are considered your Home Base on LingQ. You will become extremely familiar with them.

1. Choosing lessons

2. How the LingQ Reader Works

3. Personalize the LingQ Reader

4. Make Many LingQs

Action Step:

Open your first lesson and create a few LingQs*. Start with LingQ 101.

*Careful! If you haven't upgraded to Premium, you'll have a limit of 20 LingQs to test the software.

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