I am a beginner. Can I use LingQ?

Absolutely! Just make sure to select the correct level when choosing a course from the New Course popup on the Learn page. This will ensure you are looking at appropriate lessons.

For beginners, LingQ can feel a bit overwhelming due to its lack of structure. It is a highly customizable, "choose your own adventure" tool. This is what makes it so fun!

Check out our Getting Started Guide and be especially attentive to the articles New Learner Guide, The LingQ Learning Philosophy & Methodology and Learn the Essential Functions of LingQ. Once you understand our learning philosophy and the essential functions of the platform, you'll have everything you need to succeed. All features beyond those are optional ways to enhance your learning experience.

There are several functions of LingQ that are not necessary for you to use in the beginning stages, such as importing, vocabulary review, etc. However, if you're interested in these activities, by all means - check them out!

We have an active community of avid language learners who are happy to help you if you have questions. Check out our forum, Writing Exchange, and join a Challenge if you want some motivation.

If you feel really lost, don't hesitate to email our Head of Learner Success: shelbys@lingq.com.

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