How do I find Lessons at my level?

The core activity of LingQ is reading and listening to Lessons. It's important to set your level appropriately to find the content for you.

  • Make sure to set your Levels to a range at the top of the Library.
We recommend setting your Levels to a range so you see a variety of content. You should always be challenging yourself and experimenting with different Lessons, as some are ranked differently depending on who uploaded them.

This will assure you are looking at appropriate Lessons.

  • Use the New Words percentage to help you decide which Lessons are the most comfortable for you.
You should aim for Lessons with New Word percentages from 10% and even up to 50% in some cases. This is not a clear directive as it is highly dependent on what are your goals and which language you are studying.
Since a lot of LingQ content is user-uploaded, the Lesson difficulty is not 100% consistent. But do not worry! You are not obligated to complete a Lesson just because you started it. We highly encourage you to experiment with Lessons at various different levels, challenge yourself, and revisit Lessons within your skill level frequently to get a mix of content.
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