Problems with the translation tool since a week


I am experiencing problems with the translation tool since a week.

So far, it was working very well. Then suddently, the translation is not showing when i click on the button to show the translation.

Sometime it works, but then it stop at the next sentences.

I though i was having a problem with my firefox so i change to Chrome but the problem is the same.

thank you for your help


i also want to add that i already tried to change from “Chat GTP” to “google traduction” , and the other one, and its change nothing.

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yep, we have this issue too:

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We are looking into the issue. Thanks for reporting.


Sometimes when the translation doesn’t show, clicking arrow (next word) and then the shift t shortcut makes it work.
Or back a page and then forward and it can work.
Sometimes a pause helps.
Sometimes nothing helps.
I wonder if a procedure is not initiating properly.

If you are fixing this, please consider a shortcut that:
• goes to the next sentence
• shows the translation; AND
• play the audio - all with one shortcut.
As “next sentence” does initiate, it could be a viable alternative until you fix the translation part.
For those who need a lot of help and like comprehensible input, this is a great offering. I read 3000 words many days and multiple shortcuts are awkward.

A shortcut (shift & X or something) would be ideal if you can do it on a standard keyboard with one hand. A simple shortcut is also good to use a mouse and to set up a macro. Even the arrow key doesn’t work with some macro devices.

Translation seems to work more often.
I set up macro. When translation (shift+t doesn’t work, this macro sometimes/ often recovers the functionality:
• right
• shift left
• shift right
• shift t
• s

Sometimes I need to repeat it.
[App = bluetooth keyboard & mouse, android]

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I have an android macro that used to go to the next sentence + translation+ audio.
I had an “ESC” in there that used to help with pop-ups.
That “ESC” now kicks me out of the lesson.
It’s not a problem for me but I sonder if it links to the translation problem (i.e. something has changed and it might be related).

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