Hey LingQ! Fix "Show Translation"

I say Sentence View is the core functionality of LingQ.

That “Show Translation” has been broken for a week now is a shocking indictment of LingQ’s development process. “We are looking into the issue” is not at all a satisfying response, especially given LingQ’s feeble history of fixing bugs.

“Show Translation” is a key part of my learning process. And why not? Isn’t that an absolute requirement for a language app these days?

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It works for me. Can you provide more information? What language is being translated? Which of the 3 translation options (under settings/reader) are you using: ChatGPT, Google Translate, or DeepL? What kind of file did you import and are trying to read?

Step #1 of fixing a problem is reproducing it (maked it happen at LingQ). Until LingQ can make it happen there, they can’t start finding or fixing it. So the more information you give them, the faster they can work.

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I don’t think it works 5 times in a row for me on a browser. Better with Greek. Pretty bad with French. I’ve never chose the translation method.


@gaoli They know it already. We are many having the same problem, the show translation is broken for a while now.
You can look in the links below:


Enough people have reported the problem in multiple other topics that I didn’t think I needed to describe. Not much to it.

  • Use Shift-S hotkey or click “Show Translation”
  • Wait 10 seconds
    –More than half the time no translation shows up.
    –Sometimes clicking again will succeed. Sometimes.

I’m using an imported lesson created from a straight vanilla TXT file – a method which has been working fine for the past year.

Yes, I’ve reset the translation option to Google Translate.

It seems to be working somewhat better today.

Thanks LingQ!

For the past year plus I’ve been doing my version of immersion in French, which has basically been 4-5 hours/day on LingQ.

I often find myself exasperated by LingQ’s poor design, implementation and support. Fine . I now stick with Sentence View and my imported texts and I don’t bother with anything fancier.

But to have “Show Translation” fail for a week added a substantial level of annoyance.

I hope things are sorta fixed now and stay that way.

Is this too much to expect?