Extension: Rooster HotKeys -> Modify keybindings for LingQ Reader

I fixed the display bug in the latest patch, Chrome takes a few days to update but should notice changes almost immediately on Firefox.

So the key works on Chrome if you rebind it to ‘b’ but if you bind it to something else it doesnt work?

Ill fix that next update

@jpp025 Thank you for your troubleshooting guide. I’ll add that to main post.

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The key works in Firefox if you rebind it to Shift + B, but use b (for some reason).

The key also works in Chrome if you rebind it to Shift + B, but use b (for some reason).

This is what I’m testing out to see if I run into issues with the key bindings having to be troubleshot.

The combo Shift + B doesn’t work at all but somehow clears up the ability for me to use b.

Hopefully, this makes a little more sense, I know it sounds a bit weird.

No problem! I hope it helps some users if they’re having similar issues.


→ Fixed next blue LingQ Key
→ Added Words read total GUI
→ Added Word size + Key


→ Added bind to toggle on and off the Hotkeys Menu
→ Hotkeys Button isn’t removed anymore when clicked

→ Changed the initial bind for Page left/right. Was causing a conflict that I don’t quite understand yet


It seems to be working great now!! Thank you!! :smiley:

Is this a similar issue as the “Shift + [arrow right/left]” bindings for the Next page LingQ? Can it this issue be resolved in a similar way? Or was that like a weird special case?

Like I mentioned in an additional edit[ed] reply, I rebinded the next page to “Shift + >”, and it works fine in Rooster Hotkeys, I just wanted to check and see, if this was a similar fix that could be implemented on the next update. No worries, if not!


Shift + Arrow[Right/Left] 

for the next page, seems to trigger the Shortcut for the Move Right/Left action:


So I rebinded the shortcuts for paging to the Next and Previous pages (in a selected lesson) to:

Shift + >


Shift + <
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→ Import and Export keybinding configurations. (Sync your binds between browsers/store multiple profiles)

VIDEO of Import/Export of Keybinds

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Brilliant! Rebound it to:

Shift + H

for my purposes.

Solid addition when there are lots of bindings to keep track of!

Copy of my Review of the extension through Firefox (Feel free to link it in your testimonials, if it’s helpful!):

This extension works great! It allows me to not only:
1.) See a list of the key combinations that LingQ uses all in one place;
2.) Rebind key combinations to combinations that are more convenient for me; but also
3.) Bind other key combinations than just the default combinations LingQ uses.

The hotkeys are also presented in an organized popup that is easy to follow since Rooster offers a lot of key combinations. I love this add-on and that the developer makes frequent and quick updates to the extension when needed. It’s also free! I’ll definitely continue to use this extension.

Thanks for a great add-on! It really improves the usability of key shortcuts with LingQ!

Note: Modified (from original) for skimability in the LingQ Forum.

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Thanks for the store review @jpp025 That will be very helpful.

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Is it possible to have a keybinding to copy a whole sentence (that is displayed) in sentence mode?

Currently, I have to copy a whole line of text (sentence) in sentence mode by:

  • Clicking Edit Sentence and highlight/copy/paste from there to an outside source.
  • Highlighting the whole sentence manually in sentence mode, waiting for the LingQ “To create a phrase LingQ, please select up to 9 words from the same sentence.” popup to appear (which doesn’t always appear consistently for me), highlighting the sentence, and copying/pasting it into an outside source.
  • Highlighting the whole sentence manually in sentence mode, doing a copy shortcut, and reformating the spaces when I paste it into the outside source since it pastes without spaces.

No worries if this is super obscure and you don’t think it would be a helpful addition; I just thought it would help when using DeepL, Papago, Mirinae, or any other outside translator/resource on a whole sentence without having to do all the extra manual work to work with an entire sentence, while studying in sentence mode.

Sounds good. I’ll have a look at this

Ye, this is an annoying bug. Same with not being able to open the phrase you just LingQed without opening a different LingQ first.

→ Added Bind to copy Active Sentence to clipboard
→ Added Bind to open Print Page
→ Added Bind to Toggle Reader Settings


Tried it out! Brilliant!

Studying in sentence mode is so much more efficient now! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Can any shortcuts be added to change the speed of audio in sentence mode?

I’m unsure why LingQ has it on mobile but not on the web browser.

For me, I mainly just need 0.75 speed (currently, we can only play it “at original speed”), but other users may want more variety.

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I’ll see what I can do.

Edit: It’s not a standard feature of the sentence view (from what I can tell) I would need to write my own solution

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