Audio speed doesn't work for sentence mode?

Audio speed doesn’t work for sentence mode?

I just noticed that when I switch from page mode to sentence mode, the audio slowed down to 1x mode, even though it still showed it as set to 1.5x (which I had it on).

Is this a known issue, or is it a glitch, or am I misunderstanding something?


Yes, that is how it always worked, audio speed control button works for the page mode only.

It’s extremely fast in Greek.

Even though the audio speed control button has always worked the way it is currently working, I can give you one of the major reasons why the sentence mode must have a separate speed control button independent of the page view mode button.

There should be a sentence mode audio speed control button placed near to the audio on/off button to choose the speed of the audio of the selected sentence so that the precise pronunciation, especially the “Liaison” between adjacent word(s) and intricate words, phrases, and sentences can be clearly heard, studied, imitate, and practice.

Otherwise, the sentence mode audio on/off button is unnecessarily clicked repeated in the vain attempt to catch the precise pronunciation of the narrators’ x1 speed. Clearly, it does not work that way. A lot of people will give up on the sentence mode and the absence of the necessary code lines will surely defeat one of the purposes of the existence of the sentence mode.

Another unnecessary workaround is to slow down the audio speed of the page view, then find the precise point of the audio that one wants to review, and keep on clicking the button until one gets the correct pronunciation. After a few clicks, the clicking point moves (because the hand and finger move) and one ends up listening to the portion of the audio track that one never wants to review in the first place.

Without the audio speed slowed down, it is impossible to really catch the precise pronunciation clearly. I personally would like to slow down the audio speed to 0.75 first, then pick up the speed to 0.8, and then to 0.9, and finally to 1.0 speed. This will be one of the better way to break down the intricate pronunciation into manageable parts and reconstruct it again slowly step by step. (e.g., speed: 1.0, 0.9, 0.8, 0.75)


I’m with PL_Moon,

Speed slowdown is necessary for sentence mode across devices. It’s on the mobile apps (thank goodness), but needs to be a feature in the web browser sentence mode, as well.

For now, I copy-paste my sentences into and use their speed control to listen to the sentence slowed down, but it would be much more convenient to do it in the LingQ browser, as I would on a mobile device.

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