Is it Possible to Copy/Paste Sentences from the Text?

I don’t know if it’s possible, I’m not able to do it. [UPDATED BELOW]
In this case below I’m on iOS.

It would be very useful if we could copy/paste any sentence of the text we are studying. In the example below I show you why this is useful. I fill information on acronyms as well, if I have time and if it’s fast.
In many cases, the sentence it’s already written in the text and it would be a lot faster to just select and copy the sentence and paste it inside the acronym’s dictionary.

But if I select a sentence it opens the dictionary, which is ok, but there is no function to just copy it.

Is there a faster way to do it?


EDIT 1: I’ve found a workaround for iPad. After selecting the sentencing it opens the dictionary with the translation window. You can click on the sentence above with Apple Pencil and it shows the “copy” option.

EDIT 2: On Mac and PC, after copying/pasting, all the spaces are eliminated and you have an entire sentence compressed.
@Gigusek has found a workaround as I show you in the picture below. You select the sentence, the dictionary opens, you select the text from the dictionary, then copy/paste. (You cannot select long sentences but it’s enough in most cases).

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I’m not sure of your use case, but I sure would like to to be able to copy/paste Lingq text from a Page View or Sentence View to another app, but when I do, the whitespace is deleted and all the words are smashed together into an unusable blob of letters.


You can copy&paste text, you just have to start marking from some millimeters left or right of the word. When you hover the pointer directly over the word you will see a finger instead of the normal mouse pointer (at least on windows PC in chrome or firefox), that will just mark one or more words and open the translation, but if you start “outside” then words it’s possible (difficult though with a tablet or smarktphone)

But as jt23 already pointed out, the whitespace is deleted and this is really annoying, especially for longer sentences.


I’ve found a workaround for iPad. I’ve updated the post above.

On Mac is the same, it compresses the sentence without spaces.


I have just found a way to copy the text from either the page or sentence view without having to copy from the translation panel.

So drag your cursor over the text you want to copy. Then DRAG and DROP the text to the place where you want the text to be kept. In my case I drag it into One Note. The spacing is normal.

I have only used this on the web version.

Hope this helps



Thanks about it. I’ve updated the post above.

I also use Rooster Hotkeys “Copy Active Sentence” shortcut to copy/paste sentences in sentence mode:

It’s been working great!:

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Thanks. I have found a way as I mentioned before but it is nice to know there are more than one way to do things.
However, I don’t use sentence mode anymore. If I have well understood, this copy/paste feature works on sentence mode only.

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Yes, that is correct.

True! I’m hoping other users who have similar questions will find this topic thread to be more comprehensive (with all the workarounds), but it also would be nice if copying/pasting worked better in general, so workarounds weren’t necessary.

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I have a weird work around…(not ideal). I do have the google translate extension (in popup mode) on my browser. The words get copied into that automatically. You can copy from there instead. Ideally though the spacing get fixed in Lingq.

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