Words not correctly space separated

When I use lingq to study, I may need copy some sentences to my note software, but the copied sentences show no space between each words. What can I do in this situation?

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It could depend on where you are copying from. If you copy from the text that you get when you click on “print lesson”, there should be no problem.

But normally when we are studying the lesson, we found something important, we can not just copy and paste to our note tools, we have to open the print lesson to copy the sentence, which is not handy.

You can select a sentence in your text, it appears then in the box at the right side of the screen. There you select and save the sentence for further use.

Yes, that’s the best solution at the moment, since copying from the reader isn’t the best option. Copying from the Print page or from blue/yellow popups should work perfectly fine.

Thank you all!