You can get Japanese and other language subtitles on crunchyroll

You can now get Japanese subtitles (as well as other languages) on crunchyroll.

In order to do this, you will forst have to download the extension “Substial: add subtitlee to videos and movies”

  1. Find the anime you want to watch

  2. click on it

  3. whilst you have selected yojr anime, click on the substial on your chrome extension

  4. search the name of the anime you are watching

  5. scroll to find the language you are learning

Currently I do not know how to import crunhcyroll into LingQ though it seems possible. Crunchyroll will likely run slower with this extension. Hope it helps some of you though.

If anyone figures out how to import into LingQ properly please let me know.


Have you seen/tried @roosterburton 's LingQ extension for crunchyroll?

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I can’t find it or figure out how to add it. Or where to add it from.

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As @WillowMeDown mentioned, there is an add-on that you can use. There’s no way to currently import crunchroll content into LingQ using LingQ’s official extension.

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I meant I couldn’t figure out where to purchase the add-on but I’ve found it since then, thank you though.