Web Browser Extensions (Software) for LingQ

If you want the latest update you need to download the latest MasterLingQ version and reinstall the extensions that got updated. Don’t need too remove old version just install over the top.

Automatic updates / easier updates are something that I need to look at

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Is this a similar bug or different:

My attached lesson won’t play the subs and translations from there to the youtube video (Note: it’s a video short changed to the youtube video URL method, if that makes a difference):

Image: Screenshot of video after attaching the corresponding LingQ Lesson.

Additional Note: It’s pulling the original autogenerated subs for this video.

Image: Screenshot of lesson in LingQ with timestamps in listening mode.

Downloaded the v. 1.177 you updated today.

I think you need to use to check the Import LingQ text/translation checkbox

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Thank you! I’ll try it an update you.

Edit: Yes!!! Thank you!!! It worked! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hello. Will be extension for safari as well?

Hi @pixla

Yes, but not this year.


Hey, Daniel,

I’m having the same issue with version 118 of the Nextflix add-on (parts of the subtitles just won’t show up). Does this version include the patch? Thanks!

Do the full subtitles appear in the LINGQ lesson and not appear when watching the video?

Yes. For example, this sentence doesn’t show in the subtitles:


More info: In this other case, the sentence appears in the lesson in the wrong order:


(The audio says “I must choose my targets carefully”) and the text “I must choose” doesn’t appear in the subtitles.

Edit: I think its fixed. had similar issue with multiple lined subtitles in some movies/shows. Will add to the patch later.

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Looks like a great extension, however after looking through manuals I’m still unsure if it would work for the task I have in mind. In many dubbed Amazon or Netflix shows subtitles do not match the spoken text. Can Rooster generate its own subtitles instead (it seems to be a non-trivial task, but I saw mentions of the processing videos without subtitles…)? If so, does it require a premium LingQ account for that?

Hi @pchuhaseraya

Thanks for your interest in the software.

I only offer this for Youtube / Spotify currently.

There are ways to accomplish this for the other tools but you’re right that its not simple. An online solution I found was to record the Audio while watching the show and then use that Audio to whisper transcribe. A more programmatic way would be to search for the video m3u8 file in the network traffic and combine the scheduled video parts. There would still be a problem with DRM that I havn’t even looked into.

My tools support overlaying existing lessons so it’s just a matter of access to the mp4/3.

I just took a look at what you have done here for the first time. :blush: And I am very impressed at the breadth and usefulness of it! Cool!

Looks like a better version of the already impressive https://www.languagereactor.com/ and with integration of lingq. Am excited because I think these are two of the best tools for language learning available!


Nevertheless, it’s still great! Actually, it was your extension that persuaded me to try to learn with LingQ, so thank you for the work you’ve done so far.

I also have a question. I’ve downloaded the Master LingQ bundle but noticed that some of the extensions are already in the Firefox addon shop. Are these the same? Can I install extensions from the Firefox list and then add the ones that are missing (if any, I didn’t really compare them thoroughly) from the downloaded files?

Thanks for your comment and good luck with your journey.

The extensions in the Firefox Store are just free (stripped) versions of the same software. The only install you need to do is the MasterLingQ zip (Takes care of most extension installations).

Some of the extensions require separate install. This info is available in the Readme


Note: (You must uninstall Transcribe/Spotify to install the other. They have some conflicts)
Spotify Extension is a separate install → located in Spotify/
Transcribe Extension is a separate install → located in Transcribe/

SelectionImport is a separate install - > located in /SelectionImport

Netflix Tools is a separate install → located in Netflix/
Disney Tools is a separate install → located in Disney/ → See Install Instructions for Disney Addon @ Extension: Rooster Disney+ Tools for LingQ - Language Learning on Disney+
AmazonPrime Tools is a separate install → located in AmazonPrime/-> See Install Instructions for Amazon Addon @
Viki Tools is a separate install → located in Viki/
Weverse Tools is a separate install → located in Weverse/
Funimation Tools is a separate install → located in Funimation/
YleAreena Tools is a separate install → located in YleAreena/

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Using Firefox/Mozilla Developer 122.0b3, Rooster 1.193. “Download Lesson Zip” does nothing. It does not initiate a download.

Hi @vernmartin

I just tested out a some different lesson sources and didn’t find a problem.
Did you have this problem with a few lessons or just a particular one? If you can post or send me a message with a lesson that isn’t working i’ll take a look. Cheers

Edit: I see that its not working at all on Developer version. I’ll fix that. You can use it on regular Firefox or Chrome without issue for now. (Chrome also downloads the audio / audio parts)

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I have had this issue ever since I switched from MS Edge to Firefox Developer per your recommendation. Oddly, MS Edge worked fine. This is a consistent problem for every less I have tried. Here is a lesson in Russian that everyone can access that can serve as an example:

[Login - LingQ](https://Who is she?)

Version 1.197 has fixed this issue. Thanks.