Web Browser Extensions (Software) for LingQ


I’ll have another look with French specific settings and get back to you.

Something you could check is make sure you have auto send listen time on.

Lesson Settings → Show Stats Checkbox → Send listen time checkbox

I noticed there are a bunch of style settings wrong for Netflix and its conflicting with the main page. I’ll patch that today



Check us this video on how to set up the automatic stats

Hi @WillowMeDown

Master-LingQ (Premium) comes with every extension.
(Excluding Youtube playlist importer)

Is there anyway to get this to work for Youtube Shorts?


Yes, just not in the way you want.

grab the video ID off the URL,

change the URL to /watch?v= with id at the end


Thanks @roosterburton for Master-LingQ. Absolutely brilliant software. Thoroughly recommend upgrading to Premium. Takes language learning with LingQ to another level.


Hi - Thanks yes, it was the auto -send listen time that needed to be amended.

It appears to have fixed the issue (although Im not hundred % sure as I cant turn dark mode off on netflix when the extension is installed so cannot actually see any of the text in the pop ups!) But the watch time is increasing on lingq now.

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The Netflix styling issues should be fixed in the Latest patch

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Sometimes the youtube extension seemed to link to LingQ :slight_smile: and sometimes not:(.
Does the Rooster reader for LingQ need to be active for it to work. Or did I need to F5 refresh?

@bbbblinq Did the button at the bottom say Login to LingQ, or did it say create lesson?

Sometimes for whatever reason LingQ says that my active language is English and loads the popup that way. I’ve imported stuff into English library before accidentally when i didn’t check the details.

Don’t need Rooster Reader up, just a browser that is logged in to LingQ

Have completed a comprehensive guide on the video tools extension, with a lot of help from @jpp025

Check it out here

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I’m confused how to use Rooster tools.
I’d like to look at Youtube and Nexflix and add words to LIngQ.
I looked for Rooster stuff and didn’t find it.
I figured out LR and will use that.
Now I’m wondering if you sent it in the email.

Please make your tools simpler or have a simpler path to understanding how to use them.

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See this guide on how to install

Go into Netflix folder


This is the file you need to upload

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I found the zip file and did that and refreshed my page.I tried Chrome and Firefox. Do I need to restart them?

Download Firefox Developer Edition and follow the instructions on how to do the permanent installations.

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I found the instructions.
I clicked on the zip file and got a file corrupt message.

Happened to me, should work if you redownload a couple times (as many as needed). Just happens when the download messes up on our end — in my experience. At least that was the case for the viki version of this for me.

Edit: Yes, happened to me with other perm files. Just redownload the file until it says exactly the same file title as the one on the drive.

It appears to be corrupted if it’s got a bunch of extra numbers after it instead of the exact title of the file in the Gdrive.

It takes about 3-4 redownloads for it to come out right in my experience — when this issue appears.

P.P.S. Don’t know if this was a fluke yet, but downloading via the icon on gdrive gave me an uncorrupted file:

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 21.47.02

Whereas right-clicking and downloading the file usually resulted in a corrupted file.

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Wonderful! Followed these steps and was able to install the perm Viki file. Thanks for creating the guide! :smiley:

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Hey, Rooster,

I’ve tried the Netflix addon and I’m impressed. However, it consistently skips certain subtitles (they are all in the created lesson, but don’t show up when watching the show). It’s as if the subtitles couldn’t keep up with the audio and dropped some parts of the text. I’ve tried it with three different movies and got the same result, even when played at 0.75x. Any help? Thanks!

Hey Antonio,

I’ve identified and fixed this bug. Will be live with the new Master LingQ patch in a couple hours.

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Do the patches automatically update or do we need to re-install?

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