Unable to import anything correctly

Hello, I’ve tried multiple routes and multiple items and none of them have imported correctly: 1) Apple Podcasts: only the podcast introductory material (~1 minute) imported–not the podcast content. 2) Netflix - tried two series- one only imported the introductory material. The other imported the entire episode’s subtitles but no video. 3) Youtube: just not importing anything (getting “Import failed” messages on multiple videos.) I’ve tried all of this using the extension on my laptop, manual import on my laptop, and manual import on my phone. So far I’m zero for zero and have wasted my entire day. This isn’t making my language learning easier as I’ve done exactly zero language learning during this time. :slight_smile: Help?

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Sorry to hear that.

For Netflix importing, due to copyright issues, you only get the subtitles, we don’t import video. That is how it always worked.

We don’t support importing from Apple podcasts at the moment, sorry.

Regarding YT, it should work. Please post a video URL that didn’t work for you and I’ll check.


Bummer about Netflix and Apple Podcasts, that’s where a lot of my content comes from. I assume one can watch the Netflix show on one screen and review the subtitles here, though. What about Kindle? I’m guessing that’s a no, also?

I was able to grab some YouTube videos finally. Hopefully the process gets a little smoother with practice.

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This extension is what you’re looking for

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Yeah, we don’t support importing from Kindle, again, due to copyright issues.

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