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Extra features for language learners when watching videos on Netflix

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*Note: Netflix Tools is included in Master LingQ Premium

Rooster Netflix Tools (Premium) (FIREFOX Exclusive)

  • After purchasing MasterLingQ or NetflixTools from SendOwl you will be sent an email automatically from me with your license code. If you paid via donation I will generate and send a code to you manually.



  • Bug fix for validating license on main Netflix page
Patch Notes


  • Bug fix for validating license on main Netflix page


  • Bug fix for saving meanings of new words in LingQ if word had never been defined


  • Bug fix for a null error when word menus are displayed but no words to display


  • Bug fix for auto ignoring words that have their term as the first saved meaning but have other meanings saved
  • Style fix for flex of word status buttons and new word UIs


  • Lesson Imports are no longer split
  • Subtitles no longer stop at end of lesson limit if using Heavy Import - GPT translate
  • Bug fix for null error when floating word menus werent on the screen


  • Bug fix for certain languages working correctly. (re-mapped ones) (Hebrew, Croatian, Serbian, Tagalog, Cantonese)


  • Style fixes for New and LingQed word floating modals
  • Added Know all, know and ignore buttons to LingQed words floating modal
  • Bug fix for closed menu icon in some cases and changed position to top right of screen.
  • Bug fix for dangerous buttons alert not appearing in fullscreen
  • Bug fix for dangerous buttons alert on ‘Know all’ on floating LingQed words menu


  • Bug fix for replay caption ‘x’ causing a page crash
  • Improvements to subtitle syncing. (Now check time every 100ms instead of 200-400ms)


  • Bug fix for outdated header appearing multiple times on Firefox developer version
  • Bug fix for pause on mouseover causing a null error


  • Bug fix for display of custom alert on New words menu
  • Bug fix for newly lingqed words with transliteration losing their transliteration on next viewing


  • Bug fix for visibility of Translation popup


  • Reworked pause on mouseover to only play the video again if it was playing when the pause occurred
  • Rebound Next/Previous caption to be non conflicting with Netflix time movement keys
  • Bug fix for replay caption button in caption buttons menu


  • Copied most style updates from Youtube tools
  • Added word status bar for ignored words
  • Ignored words are now hidden with ‘Hide known words’
  • Selecting a course with only 1 lesson will autofill the lesson ID
  • Updated LingQ img


  • Further bug fixes for Lingqing in extended menus and lingqing extended menu words in the floating popup.
  • Bug fixes for lesson title/img/description of Heavy/extended subtitle imports.


  • Bug fix for creating and viewing LingQs of some word formats for following langs: → Italian, French, Irish, Arabic, Hebrew
  • Bug fix for new words being LingQed to wrong language sometimes when LingQed from Extended subtitles menu
  • Bug fix for ignoring words in extended subtitles menu ignoring them in your main selected language.


  • Bug fix for visibility of caption buttons


  • Added more TTS options to Observer
  • Bug fix for replay captions not working for every caption
  • Bug fix for non spoken video speed not working correctly


  • Added ‘Bold Phrases’ checkbox setting to Lesson Settings menu
  • Added Hindi as a select-able language
  • Bug fix for some subtitle captions having no text. [display of emotes and identifiers in the captions]
  • Bug fix for non spoken speed setting since moving to new menu
  • Bug fix for fading out of caption container after time updates
  • Removed the emotes and identifiers from the text to speech dub


  • Menu redesign: → Moved the playback speed options to a settings menu with the download subs / font control menu
  • Menu redesign: → Updated the Video Settings menu to ‘Control Panel’ Which houses various settings menus.
  • Increased non spoken speed parts to go up to 8x
  • Added a buffer zone for swapping between spoken and non spoken video speeds. (This should ensure the first word isnt played at 400% speed!)
  • Bug fix for Time differential steps. Now can be incremented by 0.25 secs instead of 1 sec. (Use this to adjust minor Sync issues/Issues with Ads) Also improved the style of this menu
  • Bug fix for & appearing in the captions instead of ‘&’
  • Bug fix for ‘Previous Caption’ hotkey functioning correctly.


  • Readded all time movement options. (Click to move on captions, Next/Previous/Replay caption Hotkeys)
    Note: Have successfuly exposed the Netflix Player API. All video movement functions should now be extremely smooth!
  • Added Several Video control settings to the ‘Caption Buttons’
  • Non spoken video parts speed toggle (1.25x-4x) or disabled
  • Spoken parts video speed (0.5x-4x)
  • ‘Replay Caption X’ setting. (This will replay each video captions 1-5x before advancing if selected)
  • Bug fix for audio dub not generating complete sound files sometimes.
  • Bug fix for Video settings menu not being hidden if initial panel is closed while creating. (Now just inserts an icon)
  • Bug fix for sending listening time if using generated audio.


  • Generated audio is now adjusted based on the videos playback speed (0.5-4x)
  • Bug fix for generated audio duration when timestamps were overlapping.


  • Major improvements to the ‘Generate Audio’ function. Generated audio now keeps pace with the video. (Autogen and main sub)
    Note: The Text to Speech will be sped up to accomodate for short speech windows. This is apparently a common problem with dubbing.


  • Added ‘Generate Audio’ Checkbox. You can use this setting to play Text to Speech instead of the video while the video plays.
    (Useful for languages where the video audio doesn’t match the subtitle you want to study)
    Note: There are some synchronization issues. Ideas and feedback welcome.
  • Re-added large number of text to speech voices. (Fixed a previous error → some of the voices failing to play)


  • Bug fix for addon crashing during lesson creation
  • Temporarily removed Know all/LingQ all words while an issue is worked out.


  • Added Import, Display, TTS, Lingqing ability and Autoscroll for as many languages as you want at the same time.


  • Normalized the ‘Keybindings’ Modal colors/styles to other menus
  • Can now repopulate the courses dropdown if wrong language was initially selected
  • Minor styling fixes, hover effects across various menus
  • Bug fix for display of word status menu if word was marked ‘known’ without Lingqing
  • Bug fix for the text display of a keybind sequence that had been rebound from 1 action to another
  • Bug fix for word status bars when mousing out of end screen
  • Bug fix for toggling of ‘Move menus’ via click


  • Style fix for some menu highlights
  • Style fix for color settings menu position
  • Style fix for some menu positions after pressing ‘Reset Display’
  • Style fix for Observer menu colors
  • Bug fix for display of combined new/lingqed word menus
  • Bug fix for being able to drag several menus with the ‘move menus’ bind/checkbox
  • Bug fix for preferred visibility of lesson settings on video play. (See Rooster icon in corner)
  • Bug fix for excessive lag caused by Observer menu


  • Normalized colors across menus
  • Swapping Main Subtitle Language input now auto swaps the LingQ language input and vice versa.
  • Style fixes for color setting menu
  • Bug fix for some menus being able to drag off the screen in some cases.
  • Bug fix for ‘Reset Display’ causing weird behaviour when dragging menus
  • Bug fix for permanent position of new/lingqed words menus when dragging via drag handle
  • Bug fix for allowing menus to be dragged to top of screen (instead of early red line warning)
  • Bug fix for permanent position of ‘Stats Menu’
  • Removed some problematic Text to Speech options

for 1.40

  • Style fix for auto send words read
  • Moved several settings to more relevant menus
  • Added Known button to Observer ‘New Words’ Menu
  • Bug fix for ‘Create new course’ from courses dropdown
  • Bug fix for native language populating dropdowns for some users
  • Bug fix for Observer causing requests to fail in some cases
  • Bug fix for Text to Speech on word click in some cases
  • Bug fix for Video Settings menu being behind other less important ones.

for 1.39

  • Moved auto send words/listen time to Lesson settings menu from Stats menu
  • Style fix for Menu settings menu being below other floating menus
  • Bug fix for floating captions/translations menus being visible in fullscreen

for 1.38

  • Added a ‘none’ option to second line selection
  • Bug fix for floating captions/translations display persisting when changing pages
  • Bug fix for native netflix timed captions displaying in some cases.

for 1.37

  • Added GPT Translation Import
  • Replaced Import as Ebook with Import ‘Heavy Lesson’
    Note: Heavy Lesson imports the video with Timestamps and GPT translation. This information is then used in the overlay. The caption will be translated to your LingQ Translation language preference. This process can take up to 10 minutes to complete based on length of the video.
  • Second subtitle line is no longer required to play the video
  • Added more tooltips to start menu
  • Style fix for send listen time/words read checkbox and Rooster icon.
  • Bug fix for translate option live updating the floating translation menu
  • Bug fix for translate button when clicked multiple times.
  • Bug fix for activating the netflix timebar if move mouse to bottom of screen.
  • Bug fix for word status gui persisting when mousing out of floating word menus
  • Temporarily removed Replay caption. (Note: Like other time movement in netflix this is causing a page crash)

for 1.36

  • bug fix for changing container and translation colour via caption buttons

for 1.35

  • Added a toggle to hide the word hover status buttons. (can still interact with keybinds when toggled off)
    Minor menu styling
  • Added persistance for floating captions & translation size / position / preset / font size / padding.
  • Bug fix for word status menu position if page had been partially scrolled.
  • Bug fix for interacting with word status menu if border effect is applied.
  • Bug fix for space between words based on font size

for 1.34

  • Improved Stats menu styles and colors.
  • Added a checkbox to toggle word status menu above/below word. (Default is underneath if translit attached, above if no translit)
  • Bug fix for word status menu interaction with mouse if translit attached.

for 1.33

  • Added tooltips to most menu actions
  • Increased font size in word hover menus
  • Increased mouse highlighting TTS/translation cap from 5-10
  • If AutoLingQ while watching is enabled it will now auto ignore words that translate to the same word.
  • Bug fix for LingQed / New word menus persistant position if moved via drag handle.
  • Bug fix for ‘Word spacing preference’ and persistance between caption lines.
  • Bug fix for some menus being on top of the end video screen
  • Bug fix for some menu colors
  • Bug fix for Translate menu persisting on video change

for 1.32

  • Added transliteration line as a toggleable box for the downloadable subtitles file. (Uses your current selected translit type)
  • Moved word status hover to underneath word when translit is attached
  • Multiple style fixes for word status hover menus on captions and floating menus
  • Bug fix for multiple status menus appearing on LingQ all click
  • Bug fix for word status hover menu position when Translit is attached
  • Bug fix for Auto LingQ new words if word popups arent open

for 1.31

  • Removed dependency on LingQ Importer. (Netflix tools can now retrieve its own subtitles)

for 1.30

  • Moved Translate Video menu to a checkbox setting
  • Removed Netflix advisory popup
  • Improved Menu colors
  • Bug fix for pause on mouseover playing the video again on mouse exit
  • Added Extension Icon
  • Replaced rooster images with Icon Image

for 1.29

  • Bug fix for Netflix video overlay appearing after pausing
  • Next and previous caption keybinds disabled. (Netflix page crashes if you try to move beyond the loaded time)

for 1.28

  • Added a Translate this video menu. (Overwrites translation line) (Uses Google Translate)
  • Changed LingQ code inputs to a mapped dropdown.
  • Added full screen support
  • Caption container is now hidden inbetween dialogue. (Wih a fade out effect)
  • Bug fix for caption button index not updating unless rehovered
  • Bug fix for Menu position when clicking ‘toggle settings’
  • Bug fix causing TTS delay on phrase highlights.

for 1.27

  • Improved the Keybindings Menu.
    (Grouped keybinds into categories, added toggle between wide and short view.)
    (Improved the layout, colors, styles and effects)
  • Remapped available Text to Speech voices. (added several new options for some languages)
  • Caption Buttons now start visible if you have never toggled the setting.
  • Bug fix for Autoscroll if only floating translation is visible.
  • Bug fix for Auto display of LingQed word menu on click.
  • Bug fix for Auto LingQ New words in Lesson settings.
  • Bug fix for new word GUI persisting after word lingqing.
  • Bug fix for textcolor in initial validation box.
  • Bug fix for Caption Buttons persisting when changing video.
  • Updated incorrectly labeled native Netflix video keybinds.

for 1.26

  • Bug fix for Caption buttons position moving around when hovering over a word. (Annoying bug that made the captions button difficult to click)
  • Bug fix for Stats menu persisting when changing pages
  • Style fixes for spaces between mouseover buttons
  • Moved the word mouseover GUI to appear above the word instead of below. (The toolbar appearing below covers the translation, this seems to look nicer.)
  • Prevented default Netflix video menu actions on mouse movement / timeout. (Toolbar disapearing, pause overlay / inaction overlays)

for 1.25

  • Added support for Right to Left written languages

for 1.24

  • General alignment fixes
  • Bug fix for Captions being ontop of other menus
  • Bug fix for initial lesson setting preferences without having clicked ‘Lesson Settings’.
  • Bug fix for caption container size when changing font
  • Bug fix for dragging Keybindings menu
  • Added Auto LingQ New Words checkbox to ‘Lesson Settings’ menu
  • Added Translation popup toggle checkbox to ‘Lesson Settings’ menu
  • GUI improvements to translation popup
  • Added Keybindings
    “(Menu) LingQ All Words”: { key: “KeyQ”, ctrl: false, shift: true, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Transliteration Change Style”: { key: “KeyZ”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “TextToSpeech Change Voice”: { key: “KeyX”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Change Font”: { key: “KeyF”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Increase Font Size”: { key: “Equal”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Decrease Font Size”: { key: “Minus”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Word Menu Display”: { key: “KeyS”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Keybindings Menu”: { key: “KeyH”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Stats Menu”: { key: “KeyI”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Lesson Settings Menu”: { key: “KeyL”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Color Settings Menu”: { key: “KeyR”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },
    “Toggle Video Settings Menu”: { key: “KeyE”, ctrl: true, shift: false, alt: false, meta: false },

for 1.23

  • Bug fix for color settings menu display
  • Improved the color settings menu
  • Added a new ‘Word Effects’ feature. This feature allows you to change multiple visual options dependent on the word’s LingQ status.
  • Current Options: Increased Size, Add Border, Shadow, Capitalize first letter

for 1.22

  • Added use LingQ text / Translation checkbox. (Works with the Ebook import from previous patch)

for 1.21

  • Added an import as Ebook Checkbox. This imports the text while preserving the timestamps. (You can use this method add a translation in LingQ and then reoverlay onto videotools)*
  • Added option to download individual SRT files. (Combined was already an option)

for 1.20

  • If observer menu is open, clicking on a word in the subtitles will open it in observer.

for 1.19

  • Bug fix for subtitle files that span multiple lines per timestamp

for 1.18

  • Changed default colours/highlights on floating captions/translations box
  • Added new keybind to change Translation line colour
  • Added Translation line colour picker to Captions Buttons
  • Bug fix for words starting with ¿

for 1.17

  • Gave priority for main subtitle line display (Stops skipping of certain lines)
  • Added backup server for key validation

for 1.16

  • Removed ‘‎’ (LefttoRight marker) from start of certain languages subtitles
  • Added keybinds for caption buttons (Caption buttons do not need to be displayed)
    “TTS Sentence”: { key: “KeyT”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Copy Sentence”: { key: “KeyC”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Shadow Toggle”: { key: “KeyS”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Caption Colour”: { key: “KeyV”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },

for 1.15

  • Added Time Differential Checkbox to Menu Settings
  • Opens a Time Differential GUI - Slider -60 to 60 seconds
  • Time differential applied everywhere time changes. (Captions, hotkeys, shadow, TTS)
    (You can use this feature to adjust subtitles that are out of sync)

for 1.14

  • Major style / color fixes for the GUI
  • Fixed conflicting colors on other Netflix pages

for 1.13

  • Bug fix for restarting video playback when shadow box is checked. (Applies to replay caption keybind, button and when playing the video)
  • Changed Send Stats to LingQ to Send Listen Time / Words Reads as separate settings
  • Added New Keybind: Replay Caption: - Rewinds to start of current caption and plays video (Shift + Q default)
  • Previous caption Keybind now pauses the video before going backwards
  • Next caption now plays the video in addition
  • Added 2 autoscrolling captions popup. (Captions/Translation) (Rooster-Reader-like…)
    (Use these to read the video text as a block)
  • (Preset color themes/font size/padding in this menu too) Adjust font/padding in one will adjust in the other
  • Bug fix for Captions buttons being unreachable

for 1.12

  • Bug fix for tooltip/status of last word in each caption

for 1.11

  • Added combined subtitle format downloading (.txt/.srt)
  • Stripped emotes from the subtitles
  • Improved sub alignment between languages. (Attempt to align based on time, rather than position in array, and then force sync that caption)
    (Not perfect but better than before)
  • Added next/previous caption keybinds

for 1.10

  • Initial release
Feature Description
Dual Subtitles Display subtitles in selected language pairs.
Subtitle Syncing Captions are synced with the original audio, regardless of spoken language.
Query Word Data Utilize GPT/Machine learning for word translation data.
One-Click LingQ Lesson Creation Create LingQ lessons in any language with a single click.
Attach LingQ Lessons for Tooltips and Highlighting Use attached LingQ lessons for mouseover tooltips and word highlighting.
Automatic stats Automatically calculates your listen time / words read and sends to LingQ
LingQ Observer Integration Sophisticated LingQ creation / editing menu built for Youtube.
In-Player LingQ Lesson Management Create and update LingQs directly in the Netflix video player.
Split Lesson Support Attach multiple LingQ lessons to a single video.
Autoscrolling Words Popup Displays popups for new words and those in LingQ lessons as they appear in the video.
Adjust Spoken/Non Spoken audio speed Adjust the timing of different sections of the video up to 4x.
Text to Speech and Voice Selection Choose different voices for text-to-speech functionality. Can replace the video sound or play as needed.
One-Click LingQ Word Management LingQ all lesson words or mark words as known with a single click.
Transliteration for Certain Languages Offers transliteration options for languages that require it.
Word Splitting for Chinese/Japanese Splits words appropriately for these languages.
Segment Solutions for Arabic/Chinese Provides segment solutions tailored for Arabic and Chinese languages.
Filtering Options for LingQed Words/Phrases Filter options for words or phrases that have been added to LingQ.
Text to Speech for Phrases/Sentences Activate text to speech for full phrases or the current sentence.
Subtitle Tools Menu Copy, Rewind and Text to Speech of current caption.
Keybindings Utilize and modify LingQ related keyboard binds on Youtube.
Customization Options Control a wide array of menu options including colors, size, position, visibility and more

Change Audio language/Add more subtitles to the dropdown by manipulating the native Netflix menu and then refreshing the page.


Hi, Daniel,

It’s been a while since I last used the Netflix addon. After adding the last version (144) to Firefox, I’ve successfully created a course and a lesson from within a Netflix series episode, but when I click on the “Attach Lesson X and Play Video” button, nothing happens. Both the course and the lesson looks fine in Linq though. Any idea why this may be happening?


sorry an error with the latest update. will be patched within the hour.
edit: fixed.

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Patch 1.48 → Can now dub any video in Netflix with the language that you want.

Mind the black box, Netflix blocks the video picture while you record.

Video Example

New in 1.49/50

→ Ability to speed up non spoken parts of the Netflix video up to 8x
→ Ability to speed up spoken parts of the Netflix video up to 4x
→ Re added all time movement commands. You can now easily glide between captions using hotkeys or clicking the scrolling menus.

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