Rooster Netflix Tools for LingQ - Language learning on Netflix


Extra features for language learners when watching videos on Netflix

Buy Netflix Tools (Premium) $50 USD
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*Note: Netflix Tools are included in Master LingQ Premium

License Info

*After purchasing MasterLingQ or NetflixTools from SendOwl you will be sent an email automatically from me with your license code. If you paid via donation I will generate and send a code to you manually.

  2. It is recommended to have your Netflix display language as your studied language or English for the best experience.

Rooster Netflix Tools (Premium) [Firefox/Chrome/Edge]




  • Added ability to load an image as the caption box background with persistence
  • Added 2 new word effects Letter Spacing and Line Through
  • Bug fix for Opacity word effect
  • Bug fix for word effects applying immediately after pressing save


  • Added ability to load an image as the caption box background with persistence
  • Added 2 new word effects Letter Spacing and Line Through
  • Bug fix for Opacity word effect
  • Bug fix for word effects applying immediately after pressing save


  • Initial Release
  • Chrome browser allows viewing of 4k Video.
  • Some features are not available: Word Level translation, Machine translation, Lesson transcribe
Patch Notes


  • Added ability to load an image as the caption box background with persistence
  • Added 2 new word effects Letter Spacing and Line Through
  • Bug fix for Opacity word effect
  • Bug fix for word effects applying immediately after pressing save


  • Bug fix for audio and video desyncing over time when watching at faster playback rates


  • Bug fix for highlighted phrases triggering a second time when deselecting


  • Bug fix for LingQing phrases when Translit or Word translation overlay is applied
  • Bug fix for initial visibility of Word Translation Overlay when loading from Tooltips.


  • Added a Transcribe setting to choose split times of the video when importing
  • Added a Transcribe setting to choose amount of sections to import
  • Mouseover Word GUI positon now has its own preference rather than relying on other factors.
  • Bug fix for empty space in the word translation space when loading from tooltips and no LingQ lesson supplied
  • Bug fix for preferences in the transcribe settings modal applying without a page reload


  • Added LingQ Hints and Tooltips as a Word Translation Overlay source
  • Bug fix for size of caption box in some cases
  • Bug fix for initial preference of word level translations


  • Bug fix for splitting of transcribed lesson in some cases


  • Bug fix for a bobbing motion on the captions box on subtitle change


  • Bug fix for Pause on Mouseover user preference applying on video load.


  • Bug fix for loading from LingQ text under certain conditions


  • Bug fix for Transcribing Videos longer than 90 mins. (Max 4 hours)
  • Bug fix for Word GUIs appearing on the screen corner under certain conditions
  • Future proofed some functions for dom changes


  • Bug fix for Clicked Word GUI appearing behind less important elements
  • Style fix for drag menu limit line being visible


  • Added More Hints mini button to the Mouseover Word GUI
  • Added Show Hints to the Clicked Word GUI popup
  • Added Word Level Translation option to the Download Subtitles feature in the Video Settings menu
  • Added Use Machine Translate as an additional setting when loading from LingQ text
  • Style fix for Mouseover Word GUI shifting when using the buttons in some cases
  • Style fix for button positions in the Clicked Word GUI popup


  • Bug fix for all LingQ languages and voice options populating in some cases
  • Bug fix for showing the sentence examples of words that have gone from new → LinGQed this session



  • Bug fix for additional Off options appearing in the dropdowns when Netflix display language is not set to English.
  • Note: It is recommended to have your Netflix display language as your studied language or English for the best experience.


  • Bug fix for synchronization of dropdowns when machine translating to a Chinese variant
  • Bug fix for word splitting not occurring for Chinese variants on lesson load in some cases


  • Bug fix for initial preference of Show Overlay Menu


  • Further bug fix for interactivity of the floating captions / translation menu after using the Move Menus menu setting.


  • Added an Update Color Preset button
  • Multiple bug fixes for presets in the Word Colors menu
  • Bug fix for load of selected preset on overlay ready


  • Bug fix for word timestamps working correctly when loading from own TTML subs or via Orange coded language


  • Further bug fix for Netflix word GUIs appearing in corner of screen when Auto LingQ New Words feature is enabled and no menu shown.


  • Bug fix for mouseover GUI flickering when mousing over a word and the caption is fading.
  • Style fix for Show Overlay Menu margin


  • Bug fix for Auto Ignore Hint-less words setting being visible
  • Added a menu setting to display/hide the control menu when overlay has finished loading
  • Bug fix for word tooltips remaining on the screen in some cases
  • Bug fix for word tooltips displaying in screen corner when the new words menu is hidden and Auto LingQ New Words is checked.
  • Bug fix for Floating Captions/Translation menu being non-interactable after using Move Menus
  • Style fix for Auto Ignore Hint-less words setting menu margins


  • Added Auto Ignore Hint-less words setting to Auto LingQ New Words feature
  • Bug fix for LingQing all available translations when using Auto LingQ New Words or LingQ All
  • Bug fix for sending of listening time in some cases


  • Bug fix for end screen visibility and Show end screen preference


  • Bug fix for captions box visibility when using Replay Caption on a fading or faded subtitle


  • Bug fix for Transcription complete message and languages loading on initial menu in some cases


  • Bug fix for LingQing new words with Chinese as the selected dictionary


  • Bug fix for the translation element color being applied to color presets
  • Word hover GUI now defaults below the word if word translation feature is enabled


  • Added Word Level Translations feature


  • Replay Caption keybind now replays the most recent caption if there isn’t a current one.


  • Bug fix for caption buttons menu flickering on/off when setting is unchecked


  • Added Transcribe feature
  • Added Split Transcribe feature
  • Added Transcribe Settings menu. (Download MP3 / Split MP3 parts)
  • Note: Transcribed lessons are split at 60 minutes to work around size/length limitations
  • Note: Maximum transcribe length of 4 hours
  • Note: Attach split lesson ids via the overlay and select Use LingQ text to combine the subtitles.


  • Added a menu option to toggle the visibility of Netflix captions. (useful for Foreign Films with forced ON subtitles)


  • Bug fix for backup translation methods for new words not activating under certain conditions.


  • Bug fix for starting caption not overlaying correctly when loading from LingQ text


  • Added Pause for 'X' to the Shadow feature
  • Shadow stop time is now based on your tick rate rather than video update rate (New base: 0.1secs, was 0.2-0.4 secs).


  • Bug fix for TTS and Copy Sentence keybindings not working
  • Bug fix for TTS and Copy Sentence buttons when Time Differential is applied
  • Multiple fixes for Time Differential when interacting with the UI


  • Added more backups for translating less common new words that have no saved definitions on LingQ


  • Bug fix for Keybindings not working correctly when marking word status 1-5. (Since updated GUI)


  • Bug fix for crash during initial overlay after navigation when word timestamp gui is enabled in some cases
  • Bug fix for LingQ dictionary locale only updating during new lesson creation
  • Bug fix for initial validation modal not appearing in some cases


  • Updates to the Word GUI. (Dictionaries, Sentence Examples, Update LingQ)


  • Bug fix for creating lesson with Own Subs
  • Bug fix for TTML not being an option for Own Subs translation line
  • Bug fix for translation modal not appearing in full screen
  • Bug fix for some null errors when there isn’t a current caption


  • Added sentence examples of the clicked word to the translation popup
  • Bug fix for overlay failing when loading from LingQ data and no subtitle options are available


  • Style fix for floating translation line highlight not updating in sync with main caption
  • Style fix for caption buttons menu being inside the caption box in some cases when using subtitle translation


  • Style fix for translation line background disappearing occassionally when using subtitle translation


  • Bug fix for overlay failing when loading from LingQ / transcribed text


  • Floating word menus now fade out gracefully (No longer a sharp on/off display)


  • Bug fix for multiple captions with the same timestamps only displaying 1 of them. (Closed Caption subs)


  • Subtitle line now updates freely when using an original subtitle as translation line (not force paired)
  • Bug fix for languages that require splitting (‘zh’, ‘zh-t’, ‘ja’, ‘km’) from splitting correctly when loading from LingQ data
  • Bug fix for brackets being included as words in word timestamp cases
  • Removed word timestamps for split languages on Netflix (Technical issue, will be reconsidered later)


  • Bug fix for some new words not recieving a translation when LingQing and in translation popup


  • Added basic Chrome support within the Firefox addon. (No LingQ stuff, just the overlay)
  • Added word for word timestamps to transcribed/imported LingQ text
  • Word marker is now enabled by default
  • Bug fix for Word Timestamps GUI persisting on page navigation
  • Bug fix for previous overlay persisting when starting a new episode / movie without navigation.
  • Bug fix for validation failing sometimes causing the overlay to be unavailable


  • Added Khmer (Language)
  • Added a mechanism to populate new LingQ languages as they are released
  • Added backup data methods for word translations
  • Bug fix for translation popup failing in some cases


  • Bug fix for the Word level timestamps causing a crash when using Machine Translation as main line
  • Bug fix for the Word level timestamps causing a crash when using TTML subtitles (orange)


  • Added Word for Word timestamp approximations to vtt/srt/ttml and main subtitles.
  • Added an additional setting to display 1 (current word) or 3 words (previous, current, next) in the word for word GUI
  • Style fix for fading of caption and word for word gui. (was flickering in some cases)


  • Added Import Own Subs feature (VTT/SRT/TTML)
  • Added an additional dropdown option to add a new lesson to courses with 1 lesson.


  • Improved loading time of Machine Translation feature
  • Bug fix for translation frames remaining when adding Machine translation to main line


  • Bug fix for word status bars remaining on screen when captions change
  • Bug fix for previous subtitle button automatically playing the video again if no action performed within 0.5 secs (.e.g multi back skips)


  • Added a Add as Main Line button next to Machine Translate. This will create subtitles in whatever language and append the choice to the studied languages dropdown.
  • Bug fix for Machine Translate failing to generate in full screen mode


  • Bug fix for Machine Translation getting stuck on Generating sometimes
  • Machine Translation is now 4x faster
  • When loading from split lessons the next lessons timestamps are now adjusted to allow full video playback.


  • Bug fix for mismatch between translation line and main caption line in some cases.
  • Bug fix for interactivity of floating caption windows when not loading from a LingQ lesson.


  • Added a Style control panel for Extended Subtitles menu to Word Colors and Effects menu
  • Moved Floating Captions Styles menu to the Word Colors and Effects menu
  • Style fix for words shifting slightly when captions update and importing multiple languages at same time


  • Bug fix for word status gui disapearing early on extended subtitles menu when imported to LingQ


  • Extended Subtitle Languages now update independantly of the main caption line. (This fixes splitting issues between original subtitles)


  • Added Main Line color to the presets selection. (This will color unLingQable words to the desired theme)
  • Added Main Line Color Picker to the Word Colors and Effects menu
  • Various bug fixes related to style previews and saving of styles


  • Added Save Preset button to Word Colors and Effects menu. You can now swap between and reload saved color configs
  • Bug fix for LinGQqed words and preset settings being visible when no lingq lesson attached


  • Moved Caption Box color and Translation Line color from the Caption Buttons menu to Color Settings menu
  • Added a slider to control the alpha setting of the Caption Box
  • Added an additional color effect to reduce the alpha of words based on their LingQ status
  • Added a preset options dropdown to the Color Settings menu
  • Added multiple color presets that provide sample setups for the word colors, translation line, caption box color and alpha
  • Added color picker for main line if no LingQ lesson attached
  • Style fix for live updating of the captions word colors in Color Settings menu
  • Style fix for caption box color setting to white on alpha change if no previous color set
  • Style fixes for Keybindings and Word Colors and Effects menus


  • Menu and style fixes
  • Bug fix for machine translation not generating when loading from a saved lesson in some cases
  • Bug fix for machine translation returning untranslated chunks in some cases


  • Added more options for spoken speed preference
  • Moved Toggle Spaces option to Menu Settings


  • Bug fix for Machine Translation getting stuck on Generating in some cases
  • Bug fix for importing into LinGQ via the extra languages menu
  • Bug fix for interactivity of extra languages menu
  • Bug fix for TTS availability in extra language menu when main importing Chinese/Japanese
  • Bug fix for some menu spam when importing via extra language menu but not creating a main line lesson
  • Bug fix for spaces between words in some cases


  • Added Machine Translation generation method. This creates a Perfect subtitle pairing and takes ~5 seconds/10 mins of content
  • Bug fix for timing synchronization of extra languages floating menu
  • Bug fix for mouse cursor disappearing after short inactivity
  • Bug fix for duplicate menus being available in some cases
  • Bug fix for menu failing to load on first refresh in some cases
  • GPT Translation language option now has a saved preference


  • Bug fix for Overlay generating before GPT translation is ready on some longer videos.
  • Bug fix for causing an error on import when using GPT Translation and importing to Japanese when word split optimization is checked
  • Added some protection against DOM changes


  • Added a retry mechanism up to 2 if GPT translation returns less than 70% accuracy. (Most Translations are returning 65-100% with infrequent 0% failures)
  • Long GPT Translation lessons are once again no longer split into multiple lessons
  • Further improved initial menu styles
  • Removed Google Translate translation line feature. (This was slow and bad)
  • Bug fix for LingQ Translation Language not being saved in the video data


  • Bug fix for time differential applying in all circumstances
  • Bug fix for a 1 off subtitle mismatching in some cases when generating GPT translation from a TTML file or loading from a TTML based lesson
  • Bug fix for the most recent caption being focused in the floating menus opposed to all current captions


  • Bug fix for attached lesson detaching when loading from TTML subs under certain conditions.


  • Added all available audio and subtitle languages to their respective dropdowns. (Note: Usual subtitles are VTT, Others are TTML)
  • Swapping Audio Language will now swap the Netflix video language automatically
  • Improved initial menu layout
  • Translation Language and LingQ Dictionary Language are now seperate
  • Bug fix for attempting to generate a translation in same language as original
  • Bug fix for mapping of tagalog/filipino
  • Bug fix for language dropdown synchronization when swapping to and from a CC language


  • Audio Downloader is now included with main extension. Change the audio language dropdown and click the download button for access to that language.
  • Bug fix for availability of all subtitle options under a specific language code. (e.g English and English CC)


  • Added additional checkbox to generate audio for video speed based on spoken TTS speed
  • Bug fix for replay/shadow function when using Time Differential Menu


  • Listening time is now calculated based on spoken time only, not video playback time. Video playback speed is also taken into account
  • Bug fix for overlay failing to generate if no LingQ account attached


  • Potential bug fix for time differential setting if viewing preroll ads


  • Bug fix for lesson imports containing unrelated audio in some cases when importing from a privileged account


  • Bug fix for translation popup visibility when not loading from a LingQ lesson


  • GPT Translate lessons are now split. (Note: this was causing errors, you can still normal import, add a translation and re-overlay for long movies)


  • All imported lessons now include original timestamps and emote lines
  • Heavy Import renamed to GPT translation
  • Bug fix for GPT Translation failing on priviledged accounts sometimes


  • Bug fix for download subtitles button not working when importing from LingQ data or after generating GPT translation


  • Bug fix for bundling from 1.81


  • Bug fix for menu failing to load without navigation in some cases


  • Bug fix for inaccurate reporting of video Listening time


  • Bug fix for words sometimes returning no data.


  • Bug fix for listening time going negative when skipping backwards in a video.


  • Bug fix for subtitles that have the same timestamps for multiple lines. (Note: This was causing some sentence clipping when watching [cc] subtitled videos)


  • Language/Lesson ID variables are now saved between sessions for each video


  • Bug fix for the Play/Pause keybinding
  • Bug fix for translation line resetting to black if no color was applied
  • Bug fix for some Chinese/Japanese Text to be Speech voices returning with gaps between words


  • Bug fix for fetch lesson details timing out in some cases


  • Bug fix for word data returning in your preferred dictionary language rather than your set translation language.


  • Bug fix for importing correct lesson image/title in some cases


  • Bug fix for translation popup information when loaded from extended subtitles menu.
  • Bug fix for Auto LingQing new words from extended subtitles menu if new word had no previous definition


  • Bug fix for updating the status number of extra languages
  • Bug fix for TTS, Know and Ignore function on new words in extended subtitles box


  • Bug fix for wrong voice being used when clicking extra language word elements
  • Bug fix for extra language imports LingQs being saved to the wrong language in some cases


  • Bug fix for validating license on main Netflix page


  • Bug fix for saving meanings of new words in LingQ if word had never been defined


  • Bug fix for a null error when word menus are displayed but no words to display


  • Bug fix for auto ignoring words that have their term as the first saved meaning but have other meanings saved
  • Style fix for flex of word status buttons and new word UIs


  • Lesson Imports are no longer split
  • Subtitles no longer stop at end of lesson limit if using Heavy Import - GPT translate
  • Bug fix for null error when floating word menus werent on the screen


  • Bug fix for certain languages working correctly. (re-mapped ones) (Hebrew, Croatian, Serbian, Tagalog, Cantonese)


  • Style fixes for New and LingQed word floating modals
  • Added Know all, know and ignore buttons to LingQed words floating modal
  • Bug fix for closed menu icon in some cases and changed position to top right of screen.
  • Bug fix for dangerous buttons alert not appearing in fullscreen
  • Bug fix for dangerous buttons alert on ‘Know all’ on floating LingQed words menu


  • Bug fix for replay caption ‘x’ causing a page crash
  • Improvements to subtitle syncing. (Now check time every 100ms instead of 200-400ms)


  • Bug fix for outdated header appearing multiple times on Firefox developer version
  • Bug fix for pause on mouseover causing a null error


  • Bug fix for display of custom alert on New words menu
  • Bug fix for newly lingqed words with transliteration losing their transliteration on next viewing


  • Bug fix for visibility of Translation popup


  • Reworked pause on mouseover to only play the video again if it was playing when the pause occurred
  • Rebound Next/Previous caption to be non conflicting with Netflix time movement keys
  • Bug fix for replay caption button in caption buttons menu


  • Copied most style updates from Youtube tools
  • Added word status bar for ignored words
  • Ignored words are now hidden with ‘Hide known words’
  • Selecting a course with only 1 lesson will autofill the lesson ID
  • Updated LingQ img


  • Further bug fixes for Lingqing in extended menus and lingqing extended menu words in the floating popup.
  • Bug fixes for lesson title/img/description of Heavy/extended subtitle imports.


  • Bug fix for creating and viewing LingQs of some word formats for following langs: → Italian, French, Irish, Arabic, Hebrew
  • Bug fix for new words being LingQed to wrong language sometimes when LingQed from Extended subtitles menu
  • Bug fix for ignoring words in extended subtitles menu ignoring them in your main selected language.


  • Bug fix for visibility of caption buttons


  • Added more TTS options to Observer
  • Bug fix for replay captions not working for every caption
  • Bug fix for non spoken video speed not working correctly


  • Added ‘Bold Phrases’ checkbox setting to Lesson Settings menu
  • Added Hindi as a select-able language
  • Bug fix for some subtitle captions having no text. [display of emotes and identifiers in the captions]
  • Bug fix for non spoken speed setting since moving to new menu
  • Bug fix for fading out of caption container after time updates
  • Removed the emotes and identifiers from the text to speech dub


  • Menu redesign: → Moved the playback speed options to a settings menu with the download subs / font control menu
  • Menu redesign: → Updated the Video Settings menu to ‘Control Panel’ Which houses various settings menus.
  • Increased non spoken speed parts to go up to 8x
  • Added a buffer zone for swapping between spoken and non spoken video speeds. (This should ensure the first word isnt played at 400% speed!)
  • Bug fix for Time differential steps. Now can be incremented by 0.25 secs instead of 1 sec. (Use this to adjust minor Sync issues/Issues with Ads) Also improved the style of this menu
  • Bug fix for & appearing in the captions instead of ‘&’
  • Bug fix for ‘Previous Caption’ hotkey functioning correctly.


  • Readded all time movement options. (Click to move on captions, Next/Previous/Replay caption Hotkeys)
    Note: Have successfuly exposed the Netflix Player API. All video movement functions should now be extremely smooth!
  • Added Several Video control settings to the ‘Caption Buttons’
  • Non spoken video parts speed toggle (1.25x-4x) or disabled
  • Spoken parts video speed (0.5x-4x)
  • ‘Replay Caption X’ setting. (This will replay each video captions 1-5x before advancing if selected)
  • Bug fix for audio dub not generating complete sound files sometimes.
  • Bug fix for Video settings menu not being hidden if initial panel is closed while creating. (Now just inserts an icon)
  • Bug fix for sending listening time if using generated audio.


  • Generated audio is now adjusted based on the videos playback speed (0.5-4x)
  • Bug fix for generated audio duration when timestamps were overlapping.


  • Major improvements to the ‘Generate Audio’ function. Generated audio now keeps pace with the video. (Autogen and main sub)
    Note: The Text to Speech will be sped up to accomodate for short speech windows. This is apparently a common problem with dubbing.

Change Audio language/Add more subtitles to the dropdown by manipulating the native Netflix menu and then refreshing the page.

Feature Description
Dual Subtitles Display subtitles in selected language pairs.
Subtitle Syncing Captions are synced with the original audio, regardless of spoken language.
Query Word Data Utilize GPT/Machine learning for word translation data.
One-Click LingQ Lesson Creation Create LingQ lessons in any language with a single click.
Attach LingQ Lessons for Tooltips and Highlighting Use attached LingQ lessons for mouseover tooltips and word highlighting.
Transcribe sub-less or dubbed videos Transcribe perfect subtitles from Netflix dubbed content
Automatic stats Automatically calculates your listen time / words read and sends to LingQ
LingQ Observer Integration Sophisticated LingQ creation / editing menu built for Youtube.
In-Player LingQ Lesson Management Create and update LingQs directly in the Netflix video player.
Split Lesson Support Attach multiple LingQ lessons to a single video.
Autoscrolling Words Popup Displays popups for new words and those in LingQ lessons as they appear in the video.
Adjust Spoken/Non Spoken audio speed Adjust the timing of different sections of the video up to 4x.
Text to Speech and Voice Selection Choose different voices for text-to-speech functionality. Can replace the video sound or play as needed.
One-Click LingQ Word Management LingQ all lesson words or mark words as known with a single click.
Transliteration for Certain Languages Offers transliteration options for languages that require it.
Word Splitting for Chinese/Japanese Splits words appropriately for these languages.
Segment Solutions for Arabic/Chinese Provides segment solutions tailored for Arabic and Chinese languages.
Filtering Options for LingQed Words/Phrases Filter options for words or phrases that have been added to LingQ.
Text to Speech for Phrases/Sentences Activate text to speech for full phrases or the current sentence.
Subtitle Tools Menu Copy, Rewind and Text to Speech of current caption.
Keybindings Utilize and modify LingQ related keyboard binds on Youtube.
Customization Options Control a wide array of menu options including colors, size, position, visibility and more

Hi, Daniel,

It’s been a while since I last used the Netflix addon. After adding the last version (144) to Firefox, I’ve successfully created a course and a lesson from within a Netflix series episode, but when I click on the “Attach Lesson X and Play Video” button, nothing happens. Both the course and the lesson looks fine in Linq though. Any idea why this may be happening?


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sorry an error with the latest update. will be patched within the hour.
edit: fixed.


Patch 1.48 → Can now dub any video in Netflix with the language that you want.

Mind the black box, Netflix blocks the video picture while you record.

Video Example

New in 1.49/50

→ Ability to speed up non spoken parts of the Netflix video up to 8x
→ Ability to speed up spoken parts of the Netflix video up to 4x
→ Re added all time movement commands. You can now easily glide between captions using hotkeys or clicking the scrolling menus.


Hi Daniel. I have the 1.93 update working on firefox for youtube but not for netflix. It is saying it can’t read or change data on this site. It wouldn’t work for 1.92 either. I just purchased it today though and maybe I am doing something wrong.

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Hey @lingqdude thanks for your support. You can find the Netflix tool in a separate folder inside the main zip. It is a separate install for now but will be included in a future update.


Thanks Daniel, I got it working. Next question. Am I able to take several words and highlight them to get the meaning like I am able to in LingQ?

Another thing, I am accustomed to using Language Reactor and I really like how they offer the option to have the subtitles located in a fixed side bar. Maybe something to think about for later if it’s possible.


Yes, this is a standard feature. I have notice problems with it when the transliteration line is attached though and randomly will need to highlight it twice.

I’ll take this into account when improving the UI next. Cheers

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Hey Roosterburton, I just want to thank you for making this. I am impressed how much work you put into it and it has changed the way I am studying permanently. I don’t understand why all of this wasn’t done years ago by several teams. But anyway, back to the reason I am messaging you; thank you very much for making this. I got a lot of studying done today enjoying netflix videos while out in the sun.


Netflix Tools 1.139

New Feature: Word Level Translations (LingQ account/sub not required)

Activate the feature by checking this box on initial menu
initial menu

Toggle the feature’s GUI settings - (Hidden Known Words)

Above Word

Below Word

Netflix Tools 1.136

New Feature: Transcribe & Audio Splitting

You can now import and transcribe the Netflix audio directly from the overlay.


  • Added Transcribe feature
  • Added Split Transcribe feature
  • Added Transcribe Settings menu. (Download MP3 / Split MP3 parts)
  • Note: Transcribed lessons are split at 60 minutes to work around size/length limitations
  • Note: Maximum transcribe length of 4 hours
  • Note: Attach split lesson ids via the overlay and select Use LingQ text to combine the subtitles.

Netflix Tools V1.127

Large Improvements to the Word Status GUI. (Applies to all Video Tools)

Netflix Tools V1.114

See the new Word for Word timestamps feature for Netflix.

Netflix Tools V1.100

Check out the new machine translation option in the below video.

Netflix Video

UI Screenshots

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Please can you help me with set up?

I’m learning French - so trying to set up in that language. But in almost every video the second drop down ‘studied languages’ does not have french as an option? I attach a screen shot. It has a small number of options that change with each video - but never french.

Sometimes there is no option for french in ‘audio language’ either - but reloading the page once or twice usually corrects this.

Have I got a setting wrong somewhere?

Thank you in advance.

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that is interesting that the languages aren’t available in your dropdown immediately. I’ll investigate that.

You can make sure they are there by either swapping your preferred language to French within Netflix, using a french VPN or clicking the French option in the subtitle menu and reloading the page. Any option below the line may require a click and reload.

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Thanks, changing it seems to have sorted the audio language always being there, but not the ‘studied language’.

Here’s an example of the kind of thing showing now

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I have my language set to English, no VPN with a fresh install and these options appear. I’m guessing this issue could be related to Firefox on MAC.

There is basic functionality in Chrome if you wanted to see if the correct options load there. You can’t use LingQ functions on chrome yet but the overlay works.

Edit: Also, you could try the Transcribe option, since the French subtitles usually don’t match the French dub

2nd edit: The french subs for this show seem to match the audio

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Ok thanks - shame there is an issue using firefox, I used to use the netflix tools with this browser with no issues, but Ive not been learning for a few months and obviously somethings changed. I had hoped it was just me having got the settings wrong when updating. Thanks anyway.

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Thinking about this issue a bit more, in your original picture there were 5 options. Those were the options in the original version of the Netflix injected script. I’m guessing its still lingering in your browser from when you used it a few months ago. You could try clearing the browser cache or pressing ctrl+f5 a few times and see if that fixes it.

Edit: You could also try load it on Firefox (Not developer) via about:debugging → this firefox and see if it solves the problem


I experienced this issue too, there is some conflict with the official LingQ importer extension. It worked correctly after removing it.

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Netflix Tools CHROME 1.10

Netflix Tools are now available on CHROME browser.
→ Chrome browser allows viewing of higher resolution videos.
→ Some features are not available: Word Level translation, Machine translation, Lesson transcribe

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Lesson Creation Failed
on Netflix using firefox. I tried several times. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this. I did a new install. Maybe I have the settings off.

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There was some change on Netflix

You need to disable (or remove) the official LINGQ extension for this tool to work


Transcribed audio, GPT translation, Word Level timestamps… on Peppa Pig.

The video tools have come a long way since the first Youtube extension.

More coming soon, the grind never stops. Join the Discord Channel to request new features and to report any bugs.