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I was trying to join the Master LingQ Discord server, but it seems the invite link isn’t valid anymore.

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Thanks, have fixed that


If I purchase Rooster Master LingQ will I get many web extensions to install individually? I think having the option to purchase the individual extensions can be still good for those who don’t want to pay for the full bundle. If I pay for the full bundle though, it would be nice to have all the tools in a single install. Are you looking forward to providing this soon?

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All the MasterLingQ tools are bundled with YouTube tools. Other video websites are single install right now. The software is constantly changing so adding more tools to the main zip is probable.


One instal seems a great idea.
Making it simple(r) will helps a lot of users.


I have a suggestion. I don’t know if this is already available or not and how easy it would be to implement. Some tools allow to select T + 1 sentences while sentence mining from a video or text. This allows making input more comprehensible. Instead of studying each sentence, you basically filter only the sentences in which you know all words except 1, in that way it is much easier to learn that word since you need to focus only on 1 word at a time and you might guess the meaning from the context.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add this to the MasterLingQ menu and edit this post when it’s done


I can see Netflix, Disney+, Viki and Spotify being included in the main install at some point. Installing the extensions isn’t too hard after you’ve figured out the first one but it is on the to-do-list


ML 1.430
New Feature: Course Extractor
Download each lessons audio, image and text as a subtitle file. (Firefox)

ML 1.424
New Feature: Duplicate Lesson
Import an exact copy of a shared lesson for personal use. (Books, Mini stories, Youtube videos, etc).


ML 1.421
New Feature: Sentence filtering for LingQ Lessons.

Available Options:

  1. Filter by Words or Phrases
  2. Filter by Status of Word/Phrase (e.g. 1-4, known, new)
  3. Filter by occurrences in the sentences. (e.g. 2 new words)
  4. Filter the Inverse of your selection. (e.g. hide all sentences with 2 new words)


Available as a main lesson filter or as a split screen alternative


I have a feature request – downloading/extracting text from e-book sites that don’t have export functions. There is only one large website for books in Hebrew that have both e-book and audio book formats: I would be happy to purchase the e-book and the audio book to make a private lesson in LingQ, but I can’t enter the text into LingQ. The reading is done through their website ( or a phone app. Is there any way to extract the text? Thanks!

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Thanks for the request.


I had a look at that website and logged their method for returning the book data.

There is a multi step process where you send requests with your device id and the end result is a blob of the book.

Unfortunately, this file is invalid through normal epub/pdf readers. There is some backend process on the website that fixes the file.

My next thought was to scrape the data from the webpage elements. Whoever designed this put a lot of thought into it, because the characters are decoded using some cipher and are worthless without the key.

Attempt to map the characters

So at this stage you likely need to screenshot each page and use some OCR software to extract the text.

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