Problem with this, importing new lessons

Hi, I imported 4 lessons but I am not able to transfel to another course, why is so difficult to transfer them to another course? can someone make a video about this please!

Here is the problem in detail.

  1. I created 4 lessons
  2. I notice the 4 lessons were in the wrong course.
  3. I searched how to do it, but I didnt understand, I hit all the buttons of edit course, edit lessons and there is not way it says tranfer or move to anohter course!!!
  4. Can someone help me, I wasted 2 hours on this issue, on Spotify I can create several playlist, copy the same some on different playlist, and move one song to another easily… so why Lignq made this so complicated??

it should work like this
I select the lesson and it should have button to transfer to another course or copy to another course if I want the same lesson in different courses.

You can edit the course a lesson is in the lesson editor.

If you want to import an entire Spotify playlist see this extension

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