Linq isnt marking my imported content with new words

Hi, as the title suggests, I am importing some transcripts from things I am watching online into linq, but it is not marking new words in blue. It leaves all the words white until I linq them. Any idea how to correct this?


Hi ,

I believe I know what the problem is as the same happened to me once before.

If you go in the lesson settings, make sure the “highlighting” is set either on “standard” or “foreground”. It must not be off or your entire text will look blank.


Are the words that are not highlighted in blue marked as words to ignore or as known words? It might be related to the bug I reported in the following thread:


Thanks for replying.

How do I go into lesson settings? I dont see that option.

Im clicking the elipses next to the lesson itself I see view course delete etc… but no settings.

I think they are just not marked at all. They just appear white like a known word until I link them.

When I click on them they are at level 1.

Hi @tarkonis,

There are 2 ways:

  1. In Reader Mode:

  1. From Your Learn/Lesson Page:

Edit: roosterburton also shows how to get directly to the highlighting settings (within the same sections I show in my images).


Thanks for replying!

I can get to the settings page but where are the new words settings?

I dont see a reply from RoosterBurton?

It’s linked in blue in my previous reply:

Here is the highlighted link for your convenience:

Those settings will apply across your words (which include your new words). It’s just how you get your highlighting for your words to show up for you as SeoulMate mentioned.

This is a screenshot of all my highlighting settings to see blue lingqs (and all lingqs in general):

You might have to experiment to see what works best for you with your target language.

Note: I’m learning Korean, so “Foreground” highlighting in the “Dark Theme” shows up better for me when I’m studying in dark mode, so that’s why my setting is like that.

Thanks for the reply.

I dont think its the highlighting settings that are the problem here.

For example… I have uploaded 2 new imported lessons to link using transcripts.

Linq says there are 0 new words in them, when this is false.

If it was highlighting settings, I think it would still say there were new words in them, but then not highlight them.

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Ah, I see, this sounds more like a bug to report in the Support & Feedback Forum rather than the Open Forum.

They’ll be able to talk to their development team and figure it out for you.

Edit: The only other thing I can think of is that your *paging moves to known" feature might have been on, and it might have marked a whole bunch of words known for you. That might be why it shows 0% New Words for your lessons:

I keep my *paging moves to known" feature unchecked to prevent LingQ from marking words as known when I move to the next “page” in my lesson.

P.S. This setting/section can be found in the same place as the highlight feature I showed before (you just have to scroll down more on the page):

ah ok, ive now changed that setting and will import a new lesson.

Thanks for the advice, ill make a new post over at the support forum.

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No problem, glad it helps! (If only a little.)

Edit: Though if it’s related to the “paging moves to known” feature, then you’ll have to mark unknown words manually until you catch all the words LingQ marked as known (turned white words) due to the “paging moves to known” feature that was on up until you turned it off.

Here are some additional replies/topics that I found related to a similar feature that you might want to know about, too (in case it’s helpful):

  • Finishing a Lesson (clicking the checkmark at the end of a lesson) marks all words within the lesson as “Known”:

For example:

Helpful Topics/replies: