Bug - Errors when manually splitting words in a sentence

For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed (using the iOS app) that when editing a Japanese sentence to separate two words by adding a space between them, the word correctly turns yellow when it’s supposed to be yellow. However, in other cases, whether it’s a known word or a word I’ve never encountered before, it’s always marked as a known word, which is incorrect.

For example, if the phrase is ‘猫が好きです,’ the LingQ importer treats it as three separate words: '猫"+"が "+“好きです”. If I try to split ‘好き’ (an unknown word in this example) and ‘です’ (a yellow word for me in this example), upon separating them, ‘好き’ is incorrectly marked as known (it should be marked as a blue word!) and ‘です’ is correctly marked as a yellow word.

I believe it’s crucial to address this issue, especially considering that when importing Japanese texts – which lack spaces between words – correct separation of words by hand within a sentence is often necessary.

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

Thank you, @zoran ! I believe the bug occurs in the IOS version, but it works correctly in the web version.

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@zoran Have you been able to review this issue? The problem is still occurring (remember that it had been detected to only happen in the iOS version) and it’s very annoying. Upon further testing, what happens is that if you split two words from a sentence and one of the two words is not in my list of blue or yellow words, it remains marked as “Ignore.”

In imported Japanese lessons, it’s common for words to not be properly separated (Japanese doesn’t have spaces between words), and often it’s necessary to correct the separations. Because of this bug, many words are left marked as “to ignore,” and when they’re marked without any color, it gives a false impression that you know the word.

We will have it fixed in the next app update.

Great, thank you @zoran ! :slight_smile:

@zoran I updated this morning to the new version that was released today on iOS, and the issue is still happening.

I’ll post update here as soon as I have more information.

@zoran any updates about this bug?

Still no updates, sorry!

@zoran I have downloaded the new version from the app store today and the issue is still happening. It’s very annoying, when will it be fixed?

I asked our team to check this again. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you @zoran ! :slight_smile:

@zoran any updates?

Every time I edit a Japanese sentence to properly separate words (every single day because the Linq importer usually didn’t parse it correctly), the new words end up in an ‘ignore’ state, which is very, very annoying.

I am still waiting to hear back from our team, we are looking into it.

Thank you, @zoran . I think it’s important to solve this issue.

@zoran This issue has been reported for over a month now, and it’s urgent to resolve it. What is its current status?

@zoran I updated to the new iOS version today, and the issue seems to be resolved. Thank you!

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