Temporarily hiding LingQs for distraction free reading?

Hi there. Sometimes I want to just free read without the distraction of upgrading/aletering the LingQs I come across when I’m reading as I find that it slows my reading down when I just want to free read without processing any LingQs.

I know it is possible to mark all as known, but I don;t want to do this as I want to be able to have these still existing as LingQs.

Is there an option to hide the coloured LingQs temporarily and then reveal them again later when I want to read with LingQ processing ihn mind?

Hi @JargonArabiyeh

There is a couple ways you can do this.

Natively you can turn these settings here

I Also have a HotKeys addon that has this feature, and another bind to make LingQs Bold text instead
Rooster HotKeys

"Remove Colours: ": “”, //New bind
"Remove Colours and Bolden Text: ": “”, //New bind


Ah thank you - I had always just read that as being the theme for the whole website. Easy peasy. Thanks!

You can also go to the same menu list that roosterburton shows and choose “Print Lesson”. That’ll just create a “printable” version of the lesson with no highlighting (which you can just read in the browser, unless you really want to print it).


Just a warning: unless I’m very mistaken, reading with the colors turned off still marks new words as known, either on turning the page (if you have that activated), or on completing the lesson. @ericb100’s “Print Lesson” solution would avoid that.


Thanks for the warning. I checked and have paging moves to known setting deactivated,

That’s good. However, if I understood past comments here correctly, the words will still be set to known upon completing the lesson (?)

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don’t hit the complete button. You’re right - if you hit the complete button it will turn the blue words to known. Also, and this is annoying to me, there’s a bug (or a feature?) where if you turn off paging turns to known, an just start free reading for a while, but then later decide you want to turn lingqs back on and paging turns to known, the app will force you to go back to where you left off marking words known. I find this really annoying.


This did not happen to me, I completed the lesson and when I reactivated LingQs they were all as they should be.

Did you reactivate Paging Turns to Known? (that’s the bug, not the hiding or showing LingQs)