LingQ5 for web launched 2!

“Granted, you do have to click in the input box as well, so that’s two clicks, but maybe it is less annoying/distracting then clicking the expand? Also the dictionaries still don’t show so that’s a problem too.”

more work for the same result in this version, don’t matter what you do. In the case of people that use the site like me, of course.

Uploading some screenshots to see what I mean.

First 3 screenshots show the view of a “yellow word” (or a known word that was previously lingq’ed (yellow)).

First click brings up popup. Expand button gives related phrases and notes area (still no other’s meanings or dictionary list). Third expansion finally gives other meanings and dictionary list.

That’s a lot of clicks just to get to the dictionary and other user’s meanings list, and you still have to click at least once more to get to an input field to add your own meaning. The app’s have a similar experience.

For a blue word, or one that was set to known without LingQ’ing it (was never yellow). You have an input field and dictionary list, and user’s meaning list.

Perhaps this “expanded view” can be set as an option to always use? While also having a “clean view” option.

Sidebar is a little better, but you still don’t have an empty field to start. For yellow words and known lingq’s you have to click to expand. This gives dictionaries and other user meanings. If you want to create your own, you still have to click another time to open an input field, and another to put focus into the input field.

about your answer in other thread:

“What I prefer to do, though, is see if someone has already done it. For German, there are lots of times others have already done what you’re trying to do (add articles, add new meanings). It might be easier to choose one of these instead of doing a new one for every word (I’m not sure how often you are doing this?).”

I hope at least i am helping other people. Because many times i will be the guy that put that there before. lol

I think @ericb100 and @Dreaming_butterfly have finally spotted the exact point that would benefit from a change and that makes sense for a wide variety of users. I also prefer to see the dictionaries even after I’ve lingqed the word

It looks amazing. The new update encouraged me to finally buy a subscription to LingQ. Loving it so far, thanks!

Please please, please make the sidebar bigger, preferably full height. Right now you can only see one meaning at a time. To have to scroll through with the absolutely miniscule slide bar couldn’t be more inconvenient and exasperating. Perhaps it works fine on a large monitor, that not everyone has that option. I’m working on a laptop. I’ve seen there are third party ways to change the layout, but I’m not a computer expert.

Search in the first V2.0. thread for the comments on doing it yourself: LingQ 5.0 more compact sidebar —
Very easy!

Hey, this bug with the flags is still happening for me (I’m on Chrome).
The flag doesn’t change when I switch dictionaries (usually it switches between English and French depending of which dictionary I’m opening)
and I can’t select another flag, it doesn’t do anything.

See this video, at the end, the French flag appears only because I clicked outside and clicked again on the word : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Everybody has their own approach. With regard to gender, that takes time and exposure in your listening and reading and will always be tough for rarer words. Trying to memorize it from the saved meaning for the thousands of nouns you need to learn seems very ambitious to me but everyone is different.
But, we understand your issue and will try to enable a customization to show the dictionaries.
Fyi, I don’t think these types of meanings are that helpful to others since any users who use the review section don’t want to see the original word in the meaning.

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Thank, Jan. I had seen that link, however I’m uncomfortable introducing unvetted third party things into my computer. I have to say, if it is that easy, why doesn’t LingQ just do it? Maybe make it resizable? Thanks again for the tip.

this is a very good question! why we need a user to solve such simple problem? Because he really solved it, Its working very well, no side effects

Traditional Chinese still doesn’t have the pinyin for android version when viewing a Lingq.

I am not trying to memorize. What i want is to get exposed to them and slowly, unconsciously even, it will improve. One more opportunity of exposure that doesn’t take much time, i would just need a fraction of a second to look at the sidebar, if the information was there. These information doesn’t take much space. And the way you (lingq team) designed the sidebar has a lot of wasted space, even with the improvement made the brazilian user.

Its very unfortunate that you think it is just very few people having this problem.

because you may not have seen this yet, i’ll repeat here:

The main difference between satisfied and dissatisfied people is the necessity to access the dictionaries once the word is not blue anymore.
If you don’t have this necessity frequently ,then this version 5 is not a big problem.
I believe the great majority of people that are hating this new version have a big necessity to access the dictionaries once the word is not blue anymore.
Once the word is not blue then extra clicks are necessary to access the dictionaries.

Are you understanding what i am referring to?

Using LingQ 5 in iOS iPad and Mac.

I’m liking it, so congratulations LingQ team.

I appreciate the revision of the scoring system, the more holistic approach totally makes sense.

Keep up the good work, looking to updates and fixes, I know those are never-ending.

Coins for words read seems to be bugged. When I look at a February challenge I see coins awarded for Known Words, Reading and Listening, the reading is nearly 0, and this matches what I am seeing for daily coins.

The math shown indicates is should be roughly Words Read / 10, but this isn’t happening. I am only counting words read within the Android app (and were counted by the app, that is not added by me).

on my laptop in full screen mode on a 15" screen the text is on the left side of the page. When I click on a word, instead of the info coming up on the right side of the page it comes up as if I have it on portrait mode on my iPad. I have a big white space on the right not being used.
And the other small bug is on my profile. I have a badge that says 12000 Chinese words with the date 2020. But I’m sure I did that last year. Even the graph at the top says 2021. I don’t care about that but I thought I would mention it.

sorry, I just noticed I need to push the sidebar button. maybe I clicked that by mistake. Still getting used to the interface. Now it’s ok. Thanks

Click the expand control in the top right of the reader to open the sidebar and get out of popup mode. We’ll take a look at that badge issue. Are you saying all the badge posts are showing a year behind?

Thanks, we’ll take a look.