LingQ5 for web launched 2!

We have just launched LingQ 5.0 on the web. This is the last platform to be upgraded which means LingQ 5 is now available on iOS, Android and now Web.
We’re very excited to finally get this update into everyone’s hands! And, look forward to your feedback and the continued optimizations we will be making moving forward.
For more information on the changes, you can find a blog post here Introducing LingQ 5.0 - LingQ Blog.
Overall, we wanted to refresh our look, try and simplify the interface and make it easier to find the great content you’re looking for.
As always, let us know what you think!


So lets continue… I am really curious to know why you (lingq team) think that more clicks and scrowlling is an improvement. Is it on purpose? If its not on purpose… how it happened? So difficult to understand it. Will these extra clicks continue?


Firstly, I really like the new design, the new reader is great and I’m sure it will take time for me to get used to some of the new features. However, I am not opposed to the change.

Just curious, when I use the importer extension to import a YouTube video, it used to split out the audio so that I could listen to it without having to watch the video at the same time, this way I could click through my new LingQs as I was listening. However, I can’t seem to do this anymore. I can either play the video, but then I can’t really click my LingQs correctly, or I can read it with no sound, which I don’t really want to do.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Off the back of this, I was just listening to a podcast when all of a sudden I was unable to mark any of my new words, clicking a new definition did nothing, and manually selecting a known word level did nothing too. (Except if I decided to ignore the word or mark it as completely known.) First this only happened to one new word but now it’s all new words.

Now I can’t even open that lesson and get the below error whenever I attempt to open the lesson-

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘t.get(“tokens”).find’)"


It’s most likely just taking a really long time for the audio to import. I’ve been having problems with this too. Sometimes if I import a video the audio takes an extra 10 mins to an hour to fully import. And sometimes it never imports at all and then I have to try it again later.

I hope they can figure out how to speed this up or at least put in some kind of progress bar so you know for sure the audio is still trying to import and about how long it’s going to take.


There can be a delay in getting the audio from the video. It should still be coming. We are looking into it.

Zoran will reach out for more information on this issue.

As I have said in multiple places, we will be looking to add more customization over time. Please be patient.


@Scott752 Can you please send lesson URL to support(at), or if you can’t get lesson URL since you can’t open it, please let me know what course is it in, and what’s the lesson title. Thanks!

I seem to have lost my sidebar. Instead I have a box which opens up on top of my lesson and gets in the way. It necessitates more keypresses and is pretty annoying, to be honest.
Sorry to say this, but such an interruption to my established workflow is hard to take. Assuming my own incompetence I have spent a long time searching the Settings to find out how to get my sidebar back. No luck so far.


There is a little expand button on the right hand side of the reader page which opens the side bar.


That’s great. The reason I couldn’t find it is because it does nothing in Edge for Mac. It works in Safari.
Any chance of making it work in Edge?


Hi Steve, Mark & Team… I LOVE the update! Very easy on the eyes. I’ve yet to explore it at length, but I’d just mention that I like the ability to expand the reader to get more text on the page. Looking forward to the Kindle Fire update. Great job :slight_smile:


I am actually not sure what you mean. I use the PC version on Chrome with the vocabulary side-bar constantly on (i.e. not the pop-up vocabulary widget) and marking lingqs as known or tagging them takes as many/few clicks as before (if there is a difference it is apparently so miniscule that I have not noticed it).


The same. He just probably doesn’t know that you can open the sidebar. It’s pretty useful, though, that’d be cool if I could change the status on the pop-up that easily too.

thanks for asking

Do you have the necessity to create new “meanings” or to select more than one “meaning” from those that are already there?

The extra clicks happen when i am creating new “meanings” or selecting more than one of the meanings that are already there.

With german i need to learn the gender (and the different forms the word is written when it is plural or singular) of each noun and normally nobody else created a “meaning” before with that information. So i constantly need to create new “meanings” which now takes more clicks.

i only work with the sidebar, don’t like the option with pop-ups

I would say 90% I am happy with the meaning that is provided, but otherwise, sure, I do this all the time. I am exclusively learning Chinese and I have a pop-up dictionary that provides a good definition once I hover over a word. I then press “c” to copy it and paste it in the meaning box. Alternatively, I modify existing meanings. I cannot access the German language section since I have a life-time subscription for Chinese only. However, I cannot really imagine the German definitions are without gender. Surely most would have a gender (?)

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90% its a lot, i believe it explains why your are satisfied.

now there are a lot of “meanings” like this:

home \ das Haus | die Häuser

because i created them

95% of time i would only find something like this:

(das) home

which is not enough for me. So i need to create a new meaning.

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I see. But, surely this has not much to do with V.5.0. I can imagine it would be the same in V 4.0 (?). Personally, “(das) home” would be enough for me since I would assume I run into the plural form anyway sooner or later as I keep reading.

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