How in the world do I remove a lingQ from my "used lingqs"? Are they permanent?

Yes I have looked around for this answer. I will link the places I’ve already look at the bottom.

I am a new user and I just want to try lingq out. I am already at about intermediate Spanish and can understand simple stories.

I signed up, chose Spanish and clicked around not knowing what I"m doing and click on many words, it turned them into linqs when I didn’t want them to. I know these words. I have used up all 20 of my lingqs. I try and delete the lingqs after looking online, they delete but my account still shows them as used. So I ahve still used all my linqgs despite my vocabulary page showing zero words.

Okay no worries I read online about deleting a whole language to remove it’s data. No issue I’ve only been on the app for like 20 minutes. I go an delete my spanish language.

WOW how wonderful those lingqs are still in use on my account and the words I had clicked on are blue again. Like I’m on a clean slate but STILL have used up all my 20 linqs.

At this point I literally delete my full lingq account and go to login to start fresh - awesome! my account is “inactive” and I can’t log back in with that one (vs being able to remake it) . So now I go and make a new one with a different email/method (first account was “login with google”)

Oh boy what fun when I turn a few words into linqs, try and remove them and and the same thing happens.

Is turning a word into a linq a one-time permanent use of a “lingq” on my account? regardless if th e lingq is still in use or not, creating one “spends” the lingq currency and there is no getting it back?

I really believe in this method and want to try aout but so far I have been fillding with this stupid app/website for 1-2+ hours and have a total of 0 minutes of studying and I have used all 20 of my free lingqs in error causing me to totally delete and make a new account and now 3 of my free 20 linqgs doing absolutely nothing.

yes I have watched the getting started video

I believe it’s by design to get you to upgrade to premium. If you’re on PC, try the rooster Observer extension you can manually click ‘new word’ in every LINGQed word in the menu and it should drop from your created lingqs total.

Otherwise, it’s worth upgrading. The amount of tools and content you get access to is worth the price.


Thanks I will try that!

It does seem worth upgrading and I love the content recommendations. I wish I could have spent a little more time actually trying to use the app before deciding to purchase though. Without being able to bring down the total used lingqs it’s easy to use them up while just trying to understand the UI.

Thanks, I appreciate the input

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