How do you delete a lingQ on a free account?

How do you delete a lingq on a free account?
I am at my max of 100 and cant figure out how to delete the ones I have learned thanks to this awesome site!

@ Tamant - As hape says, you can delete by editing your LingQs and clicking the X in the LingQ widget.

We don’t recommend deleting LingQs since our SRS system will send these words back at you up to 3 months in the future even after you indicate them as known. Also, by keeping the words in the system, our system will continue to track them in your statistics.

The idea is not to learn 100 words and then work on the next 100. In fact, you should have thousands of words you are “learning” and increase the amount of words you are encountering. At any rate, good luck! Glad you like the site.

I’ve been completely flushing (mass deleting) my Lingq lists once they start to feel unwieldy (i.e. once they become full of words that I’m not prioritizing at this time, whether because they are obscure, inappropriate for my level, or some random conjugation). At this point I find my Lingq list isn’t valuable for studying because the words I don’t want to learn at this time become like obstacles to the words I need for basic communication.

I guess what I should have been doing with these words is marking them as known and then going back and highlighting them again in blue. Any other suggestions for how to deal with these words?

Any other suggestions for how to deal with these words?

@chillies To make as many lingqs as possible and notice them naturally.

There are lots of free programs for flashcarding if learning artificial lists of “necessary” words is what you want, but it’s not what LingQ is about.
Though, I strongly believe that you would archive much more in language learning, if you would utilize the way of learning that this site is intended for!

Give a try to this German lesson: Login - LingQ - it explains the principle in a nutshell.

chillies, have you sorted your list by importance in the Voacbulary section? Have you tried tagging words with “flag” or something? You could also move the ststus of words you are not interested in higher and they will show up less often in the SRS list. You could leave the words you want to master as Status 1 until you really feel you own rhem.

I find it helpful to review words and phrases as a means of increasing my ability to notice words and phrases but not with the goal of mastering them. Most vocabulary growth seems to come incidentally through reading and seeing all those yellow LingQs. Before you know it you can read and understand a lot of words, many more than you can deliberately review. So it seems to me at least.

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Steve, it seems that we learn in similar ways if I understand you right. I don’t really SRS (I’ve just never been a “flashcarder,” at least not since I learned multiplication tables). I did try it out briefly. I like to open up the full vocabulary list (the Lingq list) and quickly scan all the words. Since the definition rests next to the word, this list is perfect for this purpose. I feel like I can only grab so many words this way, as my memory isn’t what it used to be, so I like having this list uncluttered.

I find the act of reading the texts while listening extremely valuable for language learning and the main point of this program, but what is missing for me is being able to quickly grab the vocabulary that doesn’t stick immediately. While using the texts, one has to mouseover each word individually to see the definition. At one glance, one sees one word and one definition, and must also spend about 1-2 seconds per each mouseover. With the lists, one has up to 100 words and definitions all on the same page and can quickly scroll. I can’t figure out how to sort this list, as there seems to be just a default sort by alphabetical order.

@chillies-you can filter your vocabulary list using the filters on the right hand side of the page. By default the list is sorted alphabetically but whatever sort you switch to will be remembered.

Does removing a LingQ actually cause it to not count toward your total of “known words”? I removed (pressed 5 on) several LingQs instead of changing them to known (pressing 4). Is there any way to get those removed LingQs to count toward the total of known words, if in fact they did not?

I of course take it with a grain of salt, but I find the known words statistics to be fun and interesting.

help me to delete my account,please

@Arm1998arm - To delete your account, head to the Account page (, find “Cancel your account” and click. You should receive a confirmation email.