I can't delete linqs

Hey guys, great work.
But is it supposed to be so, that i can’t delete linqs in the basic version?
I have now some random stuff in my linqs which i don’t want to have in there. But i can’t delete them :confused:
And it tells me if i want more than 100 Linqs then I have to upgrade.



@wuerzelchen - You can delete LingQs. As a free member, if you click on the red x when you have the LingQ open it will delete it. If you upgrade, you can create unlimited LingQs and you can delete and manage the status from popups, flashcards, cloze tests as well plus quite a few other nice features…Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade on LingQ:

@mark Well, then it seems to be a Bug. When i am in the Beginner’s course and click on the left side on a yellow ling, and then on the right on the red “X” it tells me i can’t delete it, I need to upgrade. (popup shows up)
Same behaviour when i click on the yellow box with the Linq count on it. Then it shows up the List with Linqs where i click on edit. On this list which shows up then, i also can’t delete a Linq. I first have to click on a Linq in that list and there i can delete it…
Either it’s a bug or it’s a not very user friendly way to delete Linqs.

@Imyirtseshem if i know if this tool is the right one for me, I’d love to support it. But for that i have to evaluate it first. And If they tell me i can delete stuff and this doesn’t work, I at least should give some feedback so they know that people could get confused with this functionality

@wuerzelchen - To delete your LingQs, you will have to go to the Vocabulary page where you can click on each LingQ you want to delete and delete it from within the LingQ widget. You can click on the Edit link in the LingQs pane on the Lesson page to do the same thing. We will look into making it more obvious what you can and can’t do as a free member.

@mark: Deleting LingQs does not help. Let’s say I have 99 LingQs. Deleted 1, so there are 98 left. Added 1 more LingQ, so there are 99 in vocabulary. That’s all. I cannot add another LingQ. The system thinks there are 100 of them already. The 100 LingQs’ counter do not take into account deleting of the LingQs, so you can add/delete, add/delete 100 times, then you cannot add any LingQ, even so your vocabulary is empty.

At least that was a case several days ago, when we discussed the matter in Russian forum.

@a5m There is a hidden message behind this LingQ limit: become a basic member!

Anyway, there is a bug, either in permission to delete LingQ in a freak way, or in the counter. And if it is supposed to be this way (and the strange thing then is that we can still delete language from our account reseting the limit), then the sign-up page is misleading. User examine site, clicks here and there, makes lingqs chaotically (e.g. clicking Search dictionary creates LingQ without asking), thinking that he can delete them later. Half an hour and the limit’s exceeded. Then he simply leave LingQ forever (I hated these over cheerful pop-ups “Ooops! You can’t delete…Blah-blah…”), or ask at the forum, or actually upgrade (if he came to the site on purpose). There are so many places to spend some money in the internet. A real challenge for non-stingy person :slight_smile:

You can go to your Account settings (it is in the drop-down menu next to your nick) and Reset the language you are learning. This will delete all LingQs (and statistics) and reset 100 LingQs limit, so you can evaluate further without much fuss with creating new account.

@a5m - I don’t believe that’s true. You are allowed to create your hundredth LingQ and if you delete a LingQ, you can create another one. I have tried this and it is working properly for me. Make sure that you don’t have another LingQ in a different language since the 100 LingQs is across all languages. As for resetting your language, if that’s what a user wants to do, that is fine but it defeats the purpose of all the highlighting, word tracking functionality we have built in not to mention the SRS and reviewing functionality. We think $10 a month is more than worth it for the functionality we offer. If the service is of value, people should pay for it. We aren’t about to change this.

I used Lingq for about 30 lingqs before realising where it, and I should/would be going.

The deleting Lingqs thing is kind of missing the point.

I become obsessed from time to time when I see things that do not work as intended, even if it is not my personal problem (I upgraded month ago, because I have come at LingQ after reading Steve’s book with intention to upgrade anyway) . Therefore, I usually check all bug reports or interface questions. I will not return to the matter of Free membership anymore, but there is a bug, believe me or not. And stop saying about damned 10$; even if it is free forever - the problem is not in the money, but in the error in functionality of the site. Please, see the video I recorded 10 minutes ago: - YouTube There are the same 96 LingQs at start and in the end. Actually, I have checked the problem is still there before recording, but as I start to record video the problem was gone, but reappeared again as you can see in the video.

P.S. Yes, Sheldon is my favorite character in the Bang Bang Theory series…and it fears me :slight_smile:

We have enough issues to deal with right now, that we are simply not going to pursue this issue.