[Fixed] Bug: Mobile Version of Forum App — Usability for Posting/Replying

Update to Bug — Resolved:

Hi LingQ Forum Support,

I find it pretty challenging to respond to/create posts through the mobile version of the Forum (accessed through the LingQ App).

Whenever I click on the box to type a response/post, my keyboard comes up over the posting box, so I cannot view/review what I am typing. I have to click away from the keyboard (continuously) to see what I wrote/edits I made:

It doesn’t appear as an issue when I open my draft to this post, though:

Any way that an update can be put through to fix this issue? Or is this mainly something with my phone system? (I use an Android phone if that helps.)

Thank you!

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I have exactly the same problem. It’s fine on my Android tablet, but not on my Galaxy A33.

On my phone, I do not even see the reply button below the posting box. It’s completely cut off.

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Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

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@SeoulMate and @zoran, everything via the Forum Mobile/Phone Android App looks good now!

Thank you, LingQ team!

Great, happy to hear that!

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