[Fixed] Bug: Typing Field Obscured When Typing in the "Notes" Section of a LingQ with the Dictionaries and Meanings Section Expanded (Android App)


Hi LingQ Support Team!

I just wanted to report a minor bug I noticed while LingQing on the Android App on my phone:

The place where I type in the notes section gets blocked by the Keyboard (similar to the bug with the Forum a while back that y’all fixed up nicely!):

Note: This only seems to happen when the “Dictionaries and Meanings” section is expanded with the carrot icon :arrow_down_small:.

But, it works fine if you create the LingQ click on the LingQ again and type into the notes section without expanding the “Dictionaries and Meanings” section.

*Note: Edited to fix typo.

Thanks, we will look into this.

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Thanks @zoran and LingQ support team!

It’s looking better as of yesterday-ish. I have been able to type into the notes field with the meanings section extended without the keyboard obscuring the typing field.

Y’all rock! :smiley:

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