ETA on LingQ 5.0?

I’ve heard that new languages are not going to be added until v5.0 is up and running. I think I’ve also heard that it would go live maybe in the early summer? As we are now near that time, I was wondering what the current estimated launch date is.


Hello! Estimated release date for the next version of LingQ will be closer to the end of summer. And you are correct, new languages will be added after the next version is launched. Which language(s) are you interested in?


I’m interested in Irish being added, but I haven’t heard any news on the mini stories for that in a while, so I suspect they aren’t done.


Icelandic would be a cracker too. I know there was one fellow who was in the process of translating and recording the mini stories.

Georgian and Vietnamese will likewise be very interesting.


I’d love Irish (Icelandic and Maltese too), but I don’t think it’ll ever be on LingQ because the chances of a native speaker translating and reading 60 ministories is next to null.


For at least scottish and welsh (can’t comment on irish just because I don’t know about the situation) there are various charities and even the government putting money into promoting its use in schools and trying to revive the languages. I know Steve is keen on more schools using lingq and getting involved with that kind of thing so possible business idea could be to access some funds through this to get mini stories etc done and maybe use lingq in schools for students to read traditional celtic poems and stories and so on in the relevant language to the region.
Can you tell I’d be keen to see celtic languages here too :smiley:


Is there any chance that Lithuanian could be added on Lingq?

It is a representative of the Baltic family of languages, along with Latvian and (extinct) old Prussian. It is one of the most archaic Indoeuropean languages, so the study of Lithuanian is very important to anyone interested in Indoeuropean studies (along with Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Latin, etc)

…also my wife happens to be Lithuanian, so I would be very grateful if it was added :smiley:


I don’t think you mean duolingo…

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Sorry, corrected :slight_smile: Although I would love it if it were available on Duo too

With regards to adam_s_1’s reply about funding from the government to support the language, I found an application from the Irish government for exactly that. The application seems very geared towards organizations, so I don’t think they would be keen on granting me the money. Is filling out the application and, if the grant comes through, hiring translators something that LingQ would be willing to do?

The Irish website is The Projects Fund Archives - Foras Na Gaeilge
And I got a quote of around $4,200 (USD) for an English to Irish translation of the 25k words in the mini stories from Immediate translation quote for any language - Translated

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Is she able to speak it fluently? If so, see if she would be willing to help with some of the translations of the mini stories so that LingQ will add it?

Hello WinterShaker.

Yes, she is a Lithuanian citizen and lived there for the first 21 years of her life, she went there to school and college. In fact I had already thought about persuading her to help me with this and then contact Lingq to offer her help in the past. However, she is having some medical issues this year and working hard on her job, she does not have a lot of time to spare for a project like this.

On the other hand, I think her sister could be persuaded to help us, so we would have two native speakers that could potentially translate mini stories into Lithuanian. It would involve some persuasion and I cannot promise anything as it would not depend on me but I could try to get them to collaborate, if the scope was not too large.

Perhaps if the Lithuanian Lingq could be launched in Beta with the minimum amount needed of mini-stories (I do not remember the minimum number, was it 20, 40 or 60?) they could slowly translate more stories in the future but as I said, I cannot promise anything unfortunately…

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I believe that LingQ currently require 40 of the 60 stories translated and recorded. Definitely worth asking them if they are willing to help out. I can help tweak the audio to improve the sound quality if they are able to do the recordings as well.

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What is planned in the new version? Will there be compatibility to Xiaomi devices? (Now we can’t mark phrases, only single words). Will there be new features in LingQ? It’s kind of boring that there are only options for reading. It may be possible to add games with words or activities.


Lots of great suggestions!

We add a new language when we have all 60 LingQ Mini Stories translated and recorded into that language. For now, we do not have anything ready for Irish, so we cannot give an ETA at this time.

I’ll get back to everyone regarding Lithuanian. Having a native speaker to translate is crucial, so don’t hesitate to contact our support team, @Jokojoko83 to offer your sister-in-law’s services (if she’s happy to help).

I’ve taken note of all other suggestions and questions and will get back to you all ASAP.

We do have translators. Thanks for sharing your research; I’ll see what we can do with it.

For Lithuanian we already have all 60 Mini Stories translated and recorded. Volunteer sent them a few weeks ago.
As soon as we launch LingQ 5.0, Lithuanian will be added.


I am on the case with Breton, even if that is one of the ones less likely to be of interest to English speakers simply because English speakers are more likely to have Welsh or Gaelic heritage, but if it ends up being the first one added here, then that’ll be an option for you.


will Vietnamese be one of the languages added? I would love it if it was :slight_smile:

We are nearing the end of summer. Any update?