[BUG] LingQ importer fails to import some YouTube videos

Yesterday and today I’ve been importing a lot of YouTube videos using the Firefox add-on. Because of how the importing is structured, the video gets split and the first part appears first and then there is often some delay (generally of a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of the import) of the second, third, and fourth parts, etc. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes some of these parts don’t even come in at all. Generally, I just delete the lesson and reimport it, as then it usually works, but I thought I should report this.

Here are two screenshots below.

Course 1: I imported the lesson “L’acesa del Nazionalsocialismo: cosa ando storto?” 24 hours ago, so I guess this is never going to fully get imported. As you can see, it has not imported the audio for the first part nor any of the following parts (it’s clearly labelled as “(1)”) .

Login - LingQ

Course 2: I imported “PATH | LUXASTRA’S Lullaby S1 E2: ‘Bugie inutile’” maybe 6 hours ago. As you can see, it’s also clearly labelled “(1)” and going by the length of the YouTube video, I suspect it should be 3 or 4 parts. None of the other parts have been imported.

Please let me know if you want to investigate this and I won’t delete the lessons for the meantime. If you already know about this bug, then let me know and I’ll just delete the lessons and continue making the course.

EDIT: 17 hours has passed since I wrote this post and both these videos have not imported properly. It looks like they won’t be importing at all.


Thanks, we will look into this and investigate it further.


Thanks @zoran. I guess the frequency of this is about 1 video in maybe every 20 or 30 videos. To try and replicate, find a good YouTube channel you want to import, open up lots of tabs, and then just import them all in quick succession.

I guess it’s not a bug, but can I please request for when you import content that it maintains it’s order as you imported it? Because of how the importing is structured, that it separates the YouTube video into lessons and they arrive at different times, if you keep importing videos, the order of the lessons is totally disordered and messed up! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but when I have to reorder 50+ lessons (20 YouTube videos), it’s very frustrating. Especially when I know I’m importing it to share in the library, not for myself, so the order actually matters. If you try and replicate as per the above instructions, you will see this problem.

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@zoran With this bug, for instance, I have a course with 15 lessons from YouTube. Two of those lessons did not import any audio. I have shared the lessons as ‘external’. Is it necessary for me to reimport these lessons, so they have an audio or it’s just not necessary, because they are ‘external lessons’ and every user imports the lessons themselves anyways?

This is the course: Login - LingQ

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Yesterday I imported 238 YouTube videos into a course. 15 of these videos failed to successfully import the audio. See the screenshot below. Obviously, I can’t share the lessons for you to see, because you get the error “You must have an audio to share a lesson,” but you can very easily see this yourself. With an account with editing powers go into the editing mode of the course. Scroll down and count all the courses with no tick for audio.

Here’s the link: Login - LingQ

To try to replicate, use the LingQ Importer on Firefox and import lots of videos from YouTube.

I’m not sure if it’s the same issue, but have a look at this bug report too, which may be related: [Bug] Audio For Lessons Imported From Youtube Now Compute...

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Has this been fixed ? Imported 30 video clips yesterday - each about 20-min long. Most of them were apparently Ok. Thou four showed just a few seconds of audio. After a few repeat attempts, deletion & re-import, the complete audio did arrive. Thou there are still some Playback issues (in iOS). Unwarranted Audio Generation (iOS).

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Should be all working properly now. We’ll check if there are still some issues.

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Hi Zoran -
Sorry, but it’s still not working. Imported a stack of YT clips (from one channel) last week. They all have native French subtitles. The individual Imports seemed to go Ok - vid, Audio, Text all good.

Then attempted to export them as an (audio) playlist. But… No juice. The clips show up, but the Audio cannot be downloaded in iOS. The message “Generate Lesson Audio - Ok ?” shows instead. Unfortunately, there is No Original (human) Audio. Is this a Bug, or some sort of User-Error ?

Is there any way to make this work !? /Thx.

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I asked our team to look into this again. Thanks for reporting.


thx, that would be appreciated - is this a known bug /problem ?

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YT importer not working again through the YT share button on the Ipad, and also on the web version of LingQ. The save or import button never comes up.Is this a known issue as well?