Any Plans to Add ChatGPT as a Translation Option?

Hi Everyone,

As an avid reader of Korean in Lingq, I have come across many words whose translation is unknown or incorrect in Daum/Google Translate/Naver English. When I copy and paste words in ChatGPT however, not only are the translations accurate, but the meaning of those words in context is explained. ChatGPT is a very powerful translation tool!

With that said, are there any plans to incorporate ChatGPT as a dictionary option in Lingq?

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If I may: I think it’s more likely that the LingQ team may see this post and respond if you move it from #open-forum-in-korean to the Support & Feedback Forum.

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@zoran Any thoughts on this?

Interesting! I also wonder if ChatGPT might be a really powerful addition to the site…
Just out of curiousity, which material are you learning through lingq that forced you to resort to ChatGPT? I’ve had a few words where Naver didn’t do the trick (Google Translate is often the worst of the bunch) but not so many…

Thank you for the tip! I will go ahead and replicate this post at that forum.

I have mostly been reading articles from the Chosun Ilbo newspaper. Politics, economics, and biographical topics mainly.

I know you already created a new post, but I just wanted to give another heads-up that you should be able to move posts over to other Forums by doing the following:

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Thank you for the helpful guide, I appreciate it!

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Nice! If you’re reading Chosun Ilbo, you might also consider trying your hand at the normal Naver dictionary site (the Korean language dictionary) when Naver English fails you. It’s basically always come through for me - sometimes words are just rare enough that they’re not included in the English dictionary, but switching to the Korean site you get 3-5 definitions. Just a thought! (I wonder if we add Korean language dictionaries in the LingQ settings if these definitions will also pop up in the LingQ app?)