Any Plans to Add ChatGPT as a Dictionary/Translation Option?

Hi Everyone,

As an avid reader of Korean in Lingq, I have come across many words whose translation is unknown or incorrect in Daum/Google Translate/Naver English. When I copy and paste words in ChatGPT however, not only are the translations accurate, but the meaning of those words in context is explained. ChatGPT is a very powerful translation tool!

With that said, are there any plans to incorporate ChatGPT as a dictionary option in Lingq?

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@maxwellbharris3 They have been working on GPT translations for the past few months. I guess they havn’t found a cheap / non intrusive way to implement it yet. The last I heard the plan was to translate the current page as you scroll through it. I could set something up as an extension but you would be paying a couple cents per lesson.

We do have it in our plans. That’s something we are working on implementing.

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I used Bard for a few lessons.
+Free for short texts
+The Greek looks good to me.
+I could tell it to use simple Greek; repeat words; choose my topic; provide questions. Actually very good for comprehensible input and TPRS. Hard to replicate elsewhere.
-A native speaker didn’t like the Greek or the story: I think at least one word wasn’t valid Greek.
-I tried a quiz and it thinks penguins can fly.

Overall, I think there is a valid place if there are serious warnings about the accuracy of the information and text. Perhaps separate them in a new row.

One simple text was. “Write a story in very simple modern Greek for someone with vocabulary of 100 words in Greek. Repeat some words quite a lot.”