You Can Now Import the BEST Korean dramas from Viki into LingQ

**UPDATE Now works with other languages. They must have learn mode enabled.

Nice update for those learning Korean (Japanese and Chinese too).

You can import content from Viki :slight_smile: For those who don’t know, Viki lets you watch (mainly) Korean dramas and they have a learn mode option, similar to

However, you cannot use their learn mode on mobile and if you live outside North America :frowning:

SO USE LINGQ’s BROWSER EXTENSION! :stuck_out_tongue:

LingQ lets anyone import Viki content, study it on desktop and mobile :wink:

This post has a bit more information on how to do it:



Great news! Thank you!

I just tried importing a Chinese drama from Viki with the LingQ Chrome extension. However, I received an error message saying that so far only Korean is supported.

@Mark and team, is there any way you can extend this feature to Chinese as well?

Thank you!

I tried this as well and got the same result. Would be great if chinese could be included as well. Hopefully it’s not too hard to implement.

I got the same as well for Japanese - we’re looking into it.

The real way to do viki is to get onto a translating team.

This is very useful! Thank you!

Works now :slight_smile:

Remember, it only works for videos that have learn mode enabled (aka native subs).

Works now. :slight_smile:

Only for videos with the natives subs enabled


Eric and team, thank you so much for implementing this! I just tried it with Chinese and it worked!

Just one thing: the words are not split correctly when you first import a lesson. One line of subtitles (which consists of multiple words) is imported as one long word. Of course, this can be easily fixed by resplitting the text in editing mode, but I wanted to let you know anyway so that you can get rid of this bug.

Again, thanks for this great feature!


Hi Yannick, that also happens for Japanese too.

We’re looking into it, it’s a bit tricky to fix but we will let you know if we’re able to figure it out.

Really looking forward to a solution to this, as it would be extremely useful for importing new interesting material in a simple non-time consuming way.

Edit: Just found how to resplit the text on the edit lesson page, which makes this import issue easily manageable.


: Just found how to resplit the text on the edit lesson page, which makes this import issue easily manageable.

Hi Ryrbo,

I found that when I re-split a lesson with captions imported from Viki I lose the timing information, so it can either have “each sentence is a single word” with correct timing or “individual words correctly split” without any timing information (everything is 0:00). Did you find the same?

Maybe the timing information is not so important? I’m very new to Lingq and this is my first attempt to import video content. :slight_smile:

(Also, while I mention it, it seems like it would be great if Lingq importer could fill in the “Clips” translations from Viki “learn mode” subtitles. Lingq seems to already know the translation for each whole subtitle, because it suggests it in the reader mode, but if I edit the Lesson and look in the “Clips” dialog then all the translations there are blank.)

For Japanese:
Viki works after entering learn mode
Animelon works on most content, occasional one or two episodes won’t work
Daiweeb doesn’t work at all for some reason which is too bad because they have some great dramas and video players.

We tried to add Daiweeb but cannot seem to at the moment… Hopefully down the road.

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Thanks for letting us know. I appreciate the work that has gone into the extension!

This is incredibly convenient!!! Awesome stuff :smiley:

I normally wouldn’t bother asking but since this is a language learning site I am so curious: as a Canadian company, why does LingQ publish blog posts with the American spelling of words?

For example, a couple errors I found were using the American versions of “favourite” and “practising” (American is “favorite” and “practicing”).

Do you guys hire someone from the states to write your articles?

I write some of them myself, as a Canadian, I never spell favorite the Canadian way… same goes for practicing. Probably due to the fact I read a lot of text that was written in America.

Ah, okay. Well time to get in the habit then, embrace your roots! :wink: