Writing Exchange

Practicing writing in your target language is a great way to solidify what you're learning. You can also contribute to the LingQ Community by submitting a writing correction!

How the Writing Exchange works

The Exchange page is where you can submit writing to be checked by a LingQ member.
1. Click the +Submit Writing button at the top of the page to get started.
2. Select the language you will write in, add a title and start typing. There is a 200 word limit.
3. When you are done, you can click "Check Spelling" and correct any errors.
4. If everything looks good, click Submit and your writing will be posted on the Exchange where LingQ members can correct it for you. You can then import the corrected text as a lesson.

Tips for how to correct others' writing

To correct a member's writing, simply click the Correct Writing button and type your corrections.
  • Try to highlight words and phrases rather than sentences or letters. This makes the mistakes easier to fix and to understand.
  • Try to make the finished writing sound natural. It should read as if a native speaker could have written it.
  • Encourage students to LingQ the natural words and phrases you suggest in your corrections.