Personalizing your Notification Preferences

Notifications are designed to help you with your language goals. Make the most of them by understanding and adjusting them to your preference.

What is the LingQs of the Day email?
As you create LingQs, they are due for review based on their status. Status 1 words are due for review in 1 day, status 2 in 3 days, status 3 in 7 days, and status 4 in 15 days.

Once words become due for review they are added to the SRS - Due for review list. Words from the SRS list are sent out daily in this email. Whenever words are reviewed or status is changed, the review period is reset.

Control the settings for your LingQs of the Day in the Notifications tab in your Settings.

*Note: You must have emails or notifications enabled in order for the lists to be created.