Words messed up during lessons

It started some days ago: I do my usual reading hitting each word with a “k” or “enter”, and using the arrows to proceed to the next word. After a moment, the selected word does not correspond to the one shown in the right panel. I Try selecting any word in the text, switching from words to words until the correct word is shown, nothing will do. Each time I pick a word, the word shown in the right panel is another word in the text, sometimes the word is from another sentence I just read. I have to refresh the page (F5) to solve the problem. Its particularly annoying in japanese because I’m looking at kanji, not syllables, and if I dont pay attention and just listen to how to word sounds without making sure its the right word , I might learn bad prononciations for the words I’m currently learning.

note#1: QuickLingQ mode is off
note#2: everytimes it happened, I think it was right after I converted a word from blue to yellow with ENTER. I’m not 100% sure.

This has happened to me recently, too. Very annoying.

It happens to me too - usually when I am tethering from my phone to computer. I just hit the refresh button on my browser and everything seems to reset with the correct definition showing for the selected word.

I have also experienced something similar. It was really bad a while ago, seemed to improve, and has become a problem again in the past couple of days. It seems to only happen when I manually change the status of a Lingq. Refreshing solves the problem but this is impractical with a really long text.

Thanks for the heads up on this! We’ve got a fix for this planned, and this happens typically when you take an action, then another action before the server has a chance to respond. A temporary solution is to perform an action (such as saving a LingQ), then wait for the visual change on the page (such as the word turning yellow) before taking another action.


This damned thing has not been fixed or what?

Refresh the page (F5) is the temporary work around.

It is particularly noticeable when there is slowness in the network, so it is a bit difficult to control. We do still have this on our list, but it’s not a simple fix so we’re still figuring things out. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

Hi all! We’ve been working hard over the last few months to optimize the code and make some adjustments to try and help reduce the occurrence of issues like this one.

Are any of you still experiencing this specific issue where a word is selected in the text but the dashboard is displaying another word?

I’m afraid so. I just sent to you a screenshot of the situation I just had, with some details. If you need details from the chrome console or whatever, let me know.

Still, thank you for your work.

Yes. It happens to me frequently. It is especially frustrating because when I’m on my main LingQing pass through a lesson, I like to move pretty fast and instead I have to keep reloading the page.

Ah, sorry to hear this is still causing trouble!

Quick question for both of you: when in a lesson, do you click on LingQs and adjust their status on the right, or do you only adjust the status through the Flashcards or on the Vocabulary page?

We did find an issue related to the changing of statuses that we hope to fix in the next week or so, so I am curious if this might be the same issue or if it’s related to another sequence of events.

Yes, that’s often when it happens. I do often adjust the status when I go through a lesson, either taking it from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3, and also marking an old LingQ as a known word. I haven’t paid close enough attention to know if that’s the only time I experience the problem, but I do know it’s at least a big part of the time.

Always during lesson, I never do flashcards. I didn’t noticed if this happens less often, especially since I’m reading more and more each day, so I lost track of how offen it happens.

Thanks for the additional information! In your case it sounds like the fix I mentioned above will help to significantly reduce the occurrence of this (perhaps even eliminate it). Once this fix is ready and live on the site I’ll follow up again!

OK, I think it might be the same situation here as well. We’re working on a fix for this today so we should hopefully see a resolution here soon!

I have indeed, but it has been less frequent, compared to a few months ago.

This is happening very frequently today! More so than it had been recently.

Thanks, we’ve got a fix for this that will be pushed during today’s downtime. Let us know if this is still happening after the update!