Will there be a sale on Black Friday?

Hi, I´d like to know if there will have a discount offer on the Black Friday ?


Yes, we will start the Black Friday promo today.


How will you advertise it, code? I’d consider purchasing.

We will email to everyone and promote on our social media.


I have not received any emails concerning black friday promotions. Where can I find more information? I tried looking on Lingq’s twitter but couldn’t see any information.

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Same here

Sorry guys, it was actually my bad for announcing it too early. The BF promo will launch today.


Looks like it just dropped. Code b_12bf2022

Thank you for the Black Friday discount. Would you be open to extending it to the one-language lifetime membership as well?

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To be clear, it’s 40% off the monthly plan. If you choose the annual plan, you don’t get and additional 40% off of that plan…they just add another 10% off of it.

At the moment, we don’t have in plans to run a discount promo on Lifetime plan.

Can users with an active annual subscription also get the discount? I didn’t get an email about it.

I’d love to see an offer on lifetime membership as well.


(ENGLISH) Black Friday week is almost over! If nothing comes by tomorrow, that’s it with Black Friday offers! I also read a comment here that there should be lifetime offers (for one language and for all languages?). So far I haven’t found a lifetime offer either. Are there any more offers?

(GERMAN) Die Black Friday Woche ist bald vorbei! Wenn bis morgen nichts kommt, dann war es das mit Black Friday Angeboten!
Ich habe hier in einem Kommentar auch gelesen, dass es Lifetime-Angebote (für eine Sprache und für alle Sprachen ?) geben soll. Bisher habe ich auch noch kein Lifetime-Angebot gefunden. Kommen denn nun noch entsprechende Angebote?

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I haven’t received anything on my email as well, do you have the promo code?

Here’s the discount coupon for annual plan: b_12bf2022

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How do I claim the discount via the Apple app store? It says I can’t upgrade to the yearly plan via desktop, and I see no place to add the discount code when purchasing via phone.

How works the discount? I have a 1 year plan that will finish in March, but I’m willing to renew with the new coupon for 2 years.

What happens if I purchase the new 2 years plan? Will add 2 years starting from March?

The BF promo deal is available for website upgrades only.

Yes, you new membership will start after your current paid plan expires (it will renew on your next payment date).