Why are tags sometimes white, and why are they automatically added to words?

Sometimes tags have a white background and sometimes they are grey.

Usually the tags I add myself have a white background, and when I add a word it has tags already attached to it that are grey.

I find that the tags are often incorrect, or at the very least they make no sense to me in the contexts which I’ve seen the words so far (e.g. a lot of verbs have both a “nom” and a “verbe” tag even though they are very clearly just verbs).

My questions are:

  1. What do the tag colours represent?
  2. Why do so many “pre-assigned” tags seem incorrect?

Usually grey tags are right, and if you click on them they will relate you to grammar articles about parts of speech. White tags are the ones you attach. You can remove pre-attached tags by clicking on x mark.
Here is an example of verbe and nom.

Sometimes tags are unreliable, they show an incorrect infinitive or something else. I didn’t bother making screenshots at the time. I would suggest paying no attention to the tags, and instead use a keyboard shortcut to open WordRefernce, and check all the info there!



How do I configure keyboard shortcuts for the various dictionaries? I don’t see anything under settings or “manage”. I tried pressing various keys and both “D” and “F” open WordReference for me at the moment.

As far as I know you can only rebind keys with @roosterburton 's extension. It’s kind of strange that “e” “d” “f” keys are all attached to the wordreference pop-up(or whatever is first on the list of dictionaries).
Here’s the extension that I mentioned