Why are some words underlined?

Hi there.
Some words in my reading material are underlined with a dotted line. Why is that…?

Tnanks for answering…

Those words are the ones that marked as Learned words (level 4 Lingqs), either by you or through SRS repetition process.

To remove the dotted line, if you are confident with the word’s meanings or simply annoyed by the line, mark those words as Known could be help.

See the link below to get the idea:

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Thank you. That was a great help :slightly_smiling_face:

Seeing your added text in you answer: should I also click all of the yellow words? Or will they automatically move to the next level and eventually be marked as known words…?

If you are using the primary function of LingQ, which is to read text with assistance, then if you read a sentence with a yellow word, and you understand the word, in theory you should click on the yellow word and set it to known (or bump up a level if you don’t want to mark it “known” yet). During reading it will not bump automatically. If you read the sentence and don’t understand the yellow word, click it to see the meaning and if it fits within the rest of the sentence. If not, choose another meaning, or add another meaning ( many words have multiple meanings and usages). You could also work in sentence mode (my preference) and instead of necessarily clicking on the yellow words. If you don’t understand the sentence with yellow words, click the translate sentence button. Then you will see the meaning of the sentence as a whole (which often will point out these differences in the meaning of the word). It also may highlight useful phrases that contain a given word.

In SRS, I believe, if you get the word “correct” a certain number of times, it will bump automatically, but I don’t use SRS so can’t confirm that.

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Thank you for taking time to respond.
Good to hear how someone else uses the colored words. Since your answer I have tried to work in sentence mode. Can be good. Will try it out more. I often use the translate sencense option. Very accessible in that mode for sure.

There is an option to have LingQs coloured or underlined.

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