Who wants to practice English and make friends on Skype? :)

Hello guys!
I am an 18 years old girl from UAE (Dubai)
I want to practice English via Skype with either native speakers or people who want to practice or make friends.
And if you are a beginner, I can help you with English so feel free to ask me for help.

PS: I would really like to make friends because I got no friends (yeah I’m a lonely girl :D)

So if you’re interested in making friends, those are some of the things I’m interested in:
Music <333
Animes (I LOVE One Piece :D!)
Drawing & Photography (nothing professional)
Japanese (i’m trying to learn Japanese too)
And also Lonely people :smiley:

If you’re interested wether to practice English or make friends, please leave your Skype ID & age down below.

One last thing: I don’t make video calls, only audio.
See ya! ^-^


I am 27 year old boy/man :slight_smile: I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I need someone to practice english language to. I should come to Dubai soon and I would like to talk a little bit about your town :slight_smile:
My skype name: miroslav_maksic


I m Monica, 17 from Romania. my skype is monique13m13 :smiley:


Hello I add you.

Hi! i am french and if you would like we can speak english together! I’m 19. Clara.etcheverry2


Hi Lolee :slight_smile: if you want to chat in english, add me on skype :slight_smile: id: helenaklimakova

I will correct anyone’s English


If you want pratice english withe me. add me on Skype (edsonhenriques)

Hi I am Nabilah from Indonesia. My skype is bilahlaa

Skype me maybe :stuck_out_tongue:
We can practice English, French and Arabic .

Have fun _ savoirsearch

We muslims are not allowed to chat males with females that are not relatives and for fun!, please, put this on mind my brother and language is not the end of life… principle is what we live for.

All best.

hellow…my name Diana, 22
. I am from Ukrain.
my skype name - shendey diana

Hello Guys i am An Accounts and Finance Professional i want to improve my English skills by doing conversation with people who also want to learn english and have patience to hear bad speaker like me …thanks
My Skype id is --Gulfaz.sabir

Hello hi! Clara. i’m Nicholas 23. I would be nice to hear you soon. This is my skype name nicholas.perru see you there :slight_smile:

Hello! i’m 23 years old. It would be nice to hear you on skype and talk about anything, at the same time we are practicing our English conversation. This is my skype nicholas.perru see you there! :smiley:

hi diana, your skype name seems to be wrong. i cant find it.

I’m Alvin from philippines 25.

Hello everyone … I want to improve my English … if you want ti talk with me add please:


I’m between upper-intermediate and advance level

I’m waiting you :slight_smile:

hi i am ramesh i am from india i need to improve my english my skype id is ramesh_tn . i am polite and decent please help me to improve

Hi, my name is Matej I am 29 and I would like to practice my english. My level is cca upper-intermediate. You can meet me on my skype name matej.misovic10