Who wants to practice English and make friends on Skype? :)

Hi, Monica. My skype: guzikov.kirill

Hi :slight_smile:

my skype : aminshaher1

my skype :aminshaher1

I’m from UK (Scotland) and learning French if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m a 26 year old girl from the Netherlands, I’m trying to become more fluently in English and also looking for some friends. I would love to chat with you want. Ask me for my Skype!

Things I’m interested in:
Anime (mainly reading Manga though)
Drawing (Manga) / Pixel Art
Movies/Tv Shows
Japan (would love to learn Japanese one day XD)
Friendly people

Best Regards,

Your name is so scary! But I’m sure you’re a lovely person, are all Dutch girls exorcists? Also your English sounds very good, how is it possible that you have only 300 known words? Anyway, I’m unfortunately looking to exchange for someone who speaks French, sorry! Good luck :slight_smile:

i can not find your skype name, My name is Tu, i am 23 year old.

i studyed finance and banking, i think we have a lot of common. i am pleasure to talk english with you, my skype is tunguyenprnt

my name is Tu, i come from Viet Nam. i want to make friend with all people on the world. my skype is tunguyenprnt

sure :wink:

add me please : eng.mohammad.mustafa85

sure :wink:

add me please : eng.mohammad.mustafa85

Hi There I hope this got u well .
So this is Abdel I too wanna make friends and talk English at the same time .
1- Music I do play guitar and I like music too .
2-I think I Love Anime much more than u what I like most are "Hunter x Hunter;One Piece,Naruto,Dragon ball Z’
3-I don’t think I am interested in drawing or kinda stuff
4-I like watching movies
5-Sorry but I wanna learn Korean not Japanese
6-I am lonely really so
7-voice chatting I am with u !
This is me so if u r interested well… Jana :wink:

Hello! I’d love to make English friends on Skype.
Buzz me at id: izzatijamal1
But no video nor audio though. Chat only.
Just want to experience chatting with a native speaker.
And for cultural exchange too.
And to kill time as well. Haha.

Hello Lolee, my name is John and I am interested in conversation. I am a university professor in the field of language teaching in Colombia. My native language is Spanish.

Hi. I am Dee Singh from Karachi, I have been learning English for very long time but still I can’t speak English well because I don’t practice spoken English. I need people who could practice spoken English with me If someone interested in talking to me kindly feel free to add me. My Skype: learner_learner

Hi there,
I’m mazen and I’m 18 .I would like to practice and improve my english language with you,If you don’t mind.
My skype name : mazenadnan1811

Add me please. My Skype ID is anaelisabeth

hello… I´m not a native speaker, but i´m interested in practice my spoken english… this is my skype sandrapam64 :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Josué, brazilian, 27, and want to practice english and make friends. My skype is josuesilva1588