Who else is learning french?

Hello everyone,

I just joined the site because I really want to learn french. I was wondering if there were any other french newbies on here as well. It would be fun to learn french together! I kind of find reaching out to native french speakers a little intimidating since I am still in the very basics of the language. I have a pretty busy schedule but I dedicate a small portion of my day (30-60 min) to study French. Hope to hear from you guys!


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Hello there! I’m an intermediate French speaker and still learning more about French grammar. If you have any questions, I hope I can help you by answering them.

I’m not so much a beginner anymore, but I’d like to help and learn too. Sure, i was intimidated too to reach out to native speakers, but that’s something that would really help you. Even if you are a beginner, it’s important to involve yourself in the language and surround yourself with it as much as you can.

Hello! I am a French beginner too. I started 2 weeks ago and I’m dedicated to getting my French skills up quickly. It’d be cool to collaborate somehow with some other French learners. Maybe a Skype session or something? Content recommendations, etc.?

So far I have been studying a couple beginner courses here on Lingq: “Lingq 101 in French” by Gerald and Mes écrits! by Ana. They’re both really good for beginner content and I’m almost at the point where I can understand all the lessons in those two sets. I’m also starting to form basic sentences as I talk to myself out loud to myself throughout the day… but obviously I have a ways to go!

Anyhow, we can do it! =) Let me know if you think of a good way to collaborate.

All the Best,

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I started learning French in December with the help of Lingq and a few other resources. I am quite intimidated by native/advanced french speakers as well… but I’m sure we will be less scared as we improve. :slight_smile:

I’ve found the input & lingqing method to be super helpful and although I am not an absolute beginner, I’d be happy to study with you or anyone else! I also always like learning of any good resources, study methods, podcasts, movies, etc. that have helped others.

Best of luck to everyone.

Hi sayaka and everyone, I’m also learning French and have learned and understood a LOT more since Steve started the 90-Day Challenge. The LingQ way of learning is a marvellous way! However, I still find the sentence building a big problem, but I hope it will sink in soon.

I am at the Beginner 2 level and fast approaching Intermediate, but like you, might feel a little intimidated if talking to native French speakers, though I can understand that it would be the same for all of us no matter what our nationalities are. However, I guess they are the ones who may ultimately would be the best ones to help us, but for now, where possible, let’s help each other.

Bonne chance tout le monde! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody! I am also learning French (at the beginning of this journey :slight_smile: I like this language despite it being so tricky :slight_smile: happy to find some similarities with my native Russian language :slight_smile: Good luck guys! Thank you for creating this thread.

Alors, peut-on commencer? I would like to learn French with skype if anyone else will?

Nickspeak si cela te dit on peut commencer bien sûr. Ajoute-moi sur skype : issiak.balogun07 et je pourrai te dire les moyens que j’ai utilisés pour devenir traducteur Français Anglais. All it takes is to set a goal.
Good luck !!


Thank you for the reply. Je suis en vacances mais je voudrais parler avec toi quand je retourne.

Ah bon super !! je suis pleinement disponible et connecté. Que puis-je (Poo ee JJ) pour vous ?
Fully available and connected. What can I do for you ?
‘’s’’ silent

I was thinking some resources that you found useful and routines you used to learn French. Also if you don’t mind a conversation in the language.

Great I see! I suggest you go to www.nothingworkslikethis.com/rocketfrench.html and submit your email for instant access for one week free French class. No commitment but you are going to love it as it is one of my main tool. Also listen to RFI (Radio France Internationale) to develop your listening skill as there are words nobody will teach you before you realize what there are referring to in English. Although there are a few false cognates that we will be talking about later you still need to develop this skill. As I told you lingq.com is quite ok but try my recommendations as well. Add me on skype: issiak.balogun07 and tell me your availability in UT time so that I can plan a conversation in French with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Issiak, your new Friend

If you really want to speak like French people, you will find many pronunciation tips at http://www.frenchspanishonline.com the site is free, there is no registration, the tutor is French and takes time to answer your questions for free. There is a lot of things on this website for any level.


The aelm-chamonix site offers courses for beginners in french, advanced courses and course specific. If you have too loaded hours, you can offer hours of courses adapted to your situation. It offers general french lessons and conversation as classes. This site http://www.aelm-chamonix.com allows to consolidate your level in french within a few weeks.

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Hey ! :slight_smile: I’m a native french speaker, if you need some help I’m here to help you :wink:


i want to speak english, so we can change, you send me in french and me in english

you can teach english?

je suis interesser, but me i write you in english because i want to speak english, if you want i will send you my usernam for skype

I’m trying to learn French too…

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