Which language would make you smile?

Berta once asked me how I would feel if I were fluent in Swedish. Before I could even say “I’d be happy”, a huge smile had spread over me and I realised that I am in love with Swedish! The mere thought of fluency in Swedish produces a warm, cuddly feeling in me. No doubt linked to childhood.

To be what I consider fluent in Spanish or in French would be great, but I’d regard it as something I should have become much earlier - a duty. No doubt linked to school days.

Italian would be a bit more fun, although a much more remote possibility.
Russian I still consider a grave duty, something I have to do. No doubt linked to childhood.

Which language makes you smile inside?

The mere thought of fluency in German produces a warm, cuddly feeling in me. I will check the word ‘cuddly’ in my dictionary after posting this comment.

This should be okay.


If I were fluent in Arabic (and/or Hebrew) I would feel…well I dunno about cuddly, but certainly “special”. (The same thing probably goes for Mandarin and Cantonese…)

As for German? Hmm, I remember one occasion (during my time living there) when it occurred to me that it didn’t really feel different to English - just different words, scrambled sentence structure, etc… But in some essential way it seemed the same.

Perhaps the ghost of Anglo-Saxon still lives on - deep inside the brain and soul of the modern Engländer?

I think knowing Mandarin would be the one that would make me feel warm inside. They don’t speak it in Austria, though it often sounds like it.

The English-German being part of the whole thing thing makes sense. That’s how I regard English, as a part of me, neither more or less than German.

Mind you, that likely applies equally to other Germanic languages too - Dutch, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, etc…

Every time I hear French I feel something… cuddly. Maybe because I don’t speak French yet.

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every time i hear Swedish I get the cuddly feeling inside too, especially when I hear people I love speaking it. This feeling is my main motivation to learn.


I like to think I love all my languages equally, but of course I’m lying to myself because German is definitely my ‘cuddly’ language. I get random bursts of obsession for all of them, though.

Swedish is my happy language!


German lifts me up. (Nothing makes me smile; I only grin.)


@ lynkusu

“German is definitely my ‘cuddly’ language”

Now I know you crazy!

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Just because they don’t speak German in Austria doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome language :wink:

I´ve used German as a “cuddling language” for many years and I gotta say, there´s nothing more beautiful than a woman with glassy eyes saying “BEI DIRRRRR FÜHLE ICH MICH SICHER UND GEBORRRRRGEN!” with a cute grin on her face.


Now that makes me smile!

If German and Swedish are of the same language family, does that mean that Germans and Swedes are kissing cousins? :wink:

I think Corean is the language, which maybe will remind everyone about smile. Just look at it’s writing. It looks like little emoticons. There are smileys in every character. =) 안녕! 어떻게 지내세요?

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Some “japanese syllables” look like smileys too.^^

ツ Tsu
シ Shi
ソ So
ン N

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English … i think , but french is pretty awesome too.

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ね is ね in ねこ(cat) or ねずみ(mouse). ゆ is ゆ in ゆり(lily), or ゆめ(dream).